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Title Princess of Thieves
Faction Lumang Syndicate
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Race Jin
Gender Female
Class Kung Fu Master
Profession [[]]
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First Quest
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Yunwa (Korean version: So Yeonhwa) is known as the Princess of Thieves and the adopted daughter of Yunsang, the leader of the Lumang Syndicate.

History[edit | edit source]

Yunwa was born in Clear Sky Village to Stratus Officer Muyong and Yesana, the last child born into the Mu Family. Muyong died in battle during the Stratus-Talus War and the following day, Shadowless traitors came to kill the last of the Mu Family to take their ancient artifacts. Yesana fled with her infant child to Lotus Lake where she was left to die. Yunsang appeared and cradled her as if she were his own child.

Yesana entrusted the baby to Yunsang who he named Yunwa and raised as his own daughter. Beloved by everyone in the Lumang Syndicate, she blossomed into a tomboyish and free-spirited young lady. Wanting to prove herself a capable thief, she left the Lumang Syndicate for several years with her father's long time friend Gil in search of priceless treasure.

Yunwa heard news that the Tyrian Cult has information on a valuable, ancient relic and planned to take it for herself. She allowed herself to be captured by the Tyrian Cult hoping to find the relic's whereabouts.

First Arc[edit | edit source]

The hero entered the Sacrificial Chamber on Gil's request to find Yunwa, who is among the many women being kidnapped throughout the Tomun Range. In truth, she allowed herself to be capture by the Tyrian Cult in order to find out information about a valuable ancient artifact that she wanted to steal before they did. It appears she knew of Colonel Yonkai's quest to find Mushin's Legacy and sought to find it herself. In the Cinderlands desert, she managed to steal the two halves of the Naryu Sarasva from the fighting factions of the Scavengers, the Jackals and the Vultures.

Yunwa's splash introduction.

She next appears at Yehara's Mirage, bursting out from the top most floor, having stolen some of Yehara's old texts in order to translate the ancient Naryu text written in the Naryu Sarasva. The hero asks in place of Yunwa to have the text translated and discovers a lead at the Naryu Temple. She enlists the help of the hero to assist her in convincing Juwol to help them the temple, affectionately calling the hero her "luck charm". They reach a dead end when at the temple, Dokdan the Wise only offers them a riddle as to how to find the legacy. With information from Yehara about the Gold and Silver Crests, the Wings of Mushin, and Mushin's Tomb, she has the hero follow a lead from Gil as to the location of the Silver Crest at the Great Kilns.

Mushin's Compass pointing to Yunwa as Mushin's Heir.

At Yehara's Mirage, she is attacked by Lusung before Yehera comes and thwarts his attempt, but not before seeing that Mushin's Compass points at Yunwa. Before the hero sets off to find the Golden Crest, she entrusts the Silver Crest and Yunwa's safety to Yehara. However, Yunwa disliked being cooped up at the Mirage and while Gil was away, she escaped to go search for the Golden Crest herself. Colonel Yonkai who had been lying in wait, kidnapped Yunwa to obtain the Silver Crest and gather information as to the whereabouts of the Golden Crest. Before Yonkai was able to force information from Yunwa, Lusung appeared at the Smuggler's Den and used Dark Chi to put Yunwa in a trance before kidnapping her through a Dark Dragon Pulse.

Once the hero obtains the Golden Crest, Yunwa, still in a trance is being led to Mushin's Wings under Lusung's control. There, Yunwa asks the hero to hand her the Golden Crest and fight off the Yonkai Brigade as she activates the giant automaton bird with the crests. The hero and Yunwa hop on to Mushin's Wings as it flies off towards Mushin's Tomb with Lusung in tow. Lusung reveals himself at the tomb, crushing the compass as he no longer needs it. He aims to take Mushin's Legacy for himself rather than follow Jinsoyun's orders. Inside the tomb, the hero stops Lusung from taking the legacy. The Three Sages appear before the hero and tell her that Yunwa does not have much time left to live as the Dark Chi is quickly consuming her. The hero decides to use the legacy to save Yunwa. The tomb then begins to crumble around them as Yunwa and the hero make their escape.

Back at the site of Mushin's Wings, Yehara greets Yunwa warmly, promising to protect her forever. Yunwa is baffled by the realization that she is Mushin's Heir, that Mushin's Legacy is within her, and that Yehara is her aunt. She is once again taken back to the Mirage under Yehara's close watch, but she quickly finds her way back out in search of Gil. When she meets up with Gil right outside of the Blindeye Bazaar, she innocently reveals the fact she is Mushin's heir to him. Gil, who was really Mushin in disguise, knocks Yunwa unconscious and takes her with him through a Dragon Pulse.

In the Korean version, Gil arrives at the Wings of Mushin and reveals himself to be Mushin in front of both the hero and Yunwa. Yunwa is captured right before the hero's eyes.

Mushin keeps Yunwa in suspended animation within Mushin's Tower as collateral in the event that the hero fails to take revenge and kill Jinsoyun. Yura, who was acting as a double agent between Mushin and Jinsoyun, delivers the unconscious Yunwa to Jinsoyun to act as the vessel for the Dark Lord's return.

At the very end, as Yunwa is swirling up into the Dragon Pulse Gate as the final part of the ceremony to bring forth the Dark Lord, the hero uses the Twilight's Edge to seal the gate and rescue Yunwa. Yunwa is returned to the custody of her Aunt Yehara after her father gave up his life of thieving to go live at Snowforest Monastery. Despite the inherent danger of being Mushin's heir with Mushin's Legacy within her, she tells the hero that she will eventually escape her aunt and return to adventuring.