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Title King of Thieves
Faction Lumang Syndicate
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Race Gon
Gender Male
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Stratus Haven
First Quest
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I am the wind! I am the fury!
~ Yunsang

Yunsang (Korean version: So Yangsang) is a giant, powerful halberd wielding fighter, known as the King of Thieves. He is the leader of the Lumang Syndicate, a vast conglomerate of thieving groups across the continent. Initially, the Lumang would only steal from the rich and give to the poor, but after Yunsang's mysterious departure, the Lumang began raiding anyone and anything without discrimination. Although intimidating, Yunsang avoids fighting unless absolutely necessary and always warns his enemies that he would not harm them should they not attack him first.

History[edit | edit source]

Yunsang was an orphan with no memory of his parents. It was rumored that his parents sold him off to clear a debt or that he was perhaps the child of a traitor, but he had no means of discovering his origins. He was an indentured servant to Judge Jin Taipyung in Zaiwei, which was still part of the Stratus Empire. Rather, he was more of a slave and refused to accept his lot in life as a slave doing menial labor. When he was twelve years old, he made a daring escape only to be caught and given the scar upon his forehead. He recalled wondering what made him so different from the Judge's younger daughter, Soha, and finding the determination to change his life for the better.

When Judge Jin Taipyung was murdered after a fellow court member betrayed him, Yunsang fled the manor, living on the streets for some time. He eventually was taken in by the monks at Stillbrook Monastery on Songshu Isle, where he was described by the monks as being firey tempered and large for his age. However, the principles that the monks instilled in him allowed him to become the kind-hearted man he is today.

When the Talus Dominion's luster began fading from its early days, Yunsang took the reigns of leadership in the Lumang Syndicate, bringing it up from the ragtag group of peasants to including bureaucrats, scholars, mercenaries, and former generals of the Stratus Army. From there, the Lumang expanded rapidly, rallying people to their cause as they raided Talus outposts, corrupt nobility, and similar people who represented oppression. Yunsang stated that once the common citizen was able to have a say in Talus politics, that he will lay down his weapons.

At some point, he fell in love with Yes Men leader, Juwol and together, they worked side by side. Yunsang, while passing through Clear Sky Village, found Yesana near death after being attacked by Shadowless traitors. Yesana entrusted Yunsang with her young child after watching him pick it up and cradle it as if it were his own. He adopted and raised the child as if she were his own flesh and blood. He named her Yunwa and lovingly called her his "songbird". When Yunwa went missing for a few years in order to prove herself to the Syndicate, Yunsang left the Lumang Syndicate in search of her.

When Juwol found out that he had kept his daughter a secret from her, she became angry at his mistrust and attempted to drive him from the Cinderlands. The battle for territory left Juwol without her right eye and a thirst for revenge. Yunsang knew this but was determined to find his daughter before he would allow her to exact her revenge.

First Arc[edit | edit source]

Unable to recognize Yunwa from a glance, Yunsang began kidnapping many young girls from the Grand Harvest Square in hopes to find her among them. However, he always returned the girls home safely, unharmed, mumbling how they were not his "songbird".

A brash Zaiwei officer, Jan Wong, used this knowledge to set a trap to capture Yunsang once and for all. They asked the daughter of the Granary owner, Daljen, who bore a striking resemblance to Yunwa, to act as the real one in a fake execution in the middle of the Rural Outfitters. Yunsang came rushing in to free his "songbird" from her "cage" only to realize that it wasn't Yunwa. He battles with the Zaiwei troops, making quick work of them. The hero is about to subdue Yunsang until Juwol comes and intervenes. Right as Juwol is about to help Yunsang up, Yu Chun throws his blades at Juwol. Yunsang takes the blades for Juwol and in the confusion, the Zaiwei troops capture both of them and lock them up in the Talus Dungeon.

Following the failed assassination attempt on Jinsoyun, the hero is thrown into the Talus Dungeon as well. Yunma Fei and Junghado arrive to free the hero and Dochun from their cells. Along the way, they also free Yunsang and Juwol who shared a cell. Yunsang, moved after hearing of the hero's feats in rescuing and protecting his daughter, took it upon himself to fend off guards at the jail entrance so that the hero and the rest of them could explore further into the dungeon to find an alternate means of escape. Surprisingly, Juwol decided to stay and fight alongside Yunsang, glad to battle at his side once again.

Yunsang and Juwol were severely injured during the long battle in the dungeon and fled to Stratus Haven to recuperate. Before the Talus rangers, who had tracked them down, could apprehend them again, Yunsang and Juwol flee to the Shiverstone Range through a Dragon Pulse. Unable to move quickly enough due to their injuries, Juwol and Yunsang continue healing at the Herbside Inn before making their way to Zaiwei to help the hero fight Jinsoyun.

In the final battle against Jinsoyun at the Altar of Divine Will, Yunsang was among the hero's allies fighting back the demons as the hero stepped forth to face Jinsoyun.

Following the battle, Yunsang resigned from his life in the Lumang Syndicate, opting to live a simpler life as a monk at the Stratus Haven with Yunma Kahn to atone for all his past sins. He expresses his happiness that Yunwa is now in the caring hands of Yehara, her aunt, who can properly teach her how to be a young lady.

Fighting Yunsang[edit | edit source]

If the player wishes, he can duel Yunsang on the 20th floor of Mushin's Tower, a proof of Yunsangs immense martial arts skill. Yunsang attacks with relentless, and extremely fast swings, powerful blows, and is rarely able to be CC'd.