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Race Gon
Gender Female
Class N/A
Profession [[]]
Location Deceased
First Quest
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Yesana was Yehara's sister and the mother of Yunwa.

History[edit | edit source]

Yesana lived in Clear Sky Village where she fell in love with and married Muyong, a prominent soldier in the Stratus Army. She was unaware of his lineage as part of the noble Mu Family and his affiliations with the Shadowless until after the birth of their daughter.

Muyong died in battle during the Stratus-Talus War but Yesana had very little time to mourn as the very next day, Shadowless assassins came to erase the very last of the Mu Family and claim all of Mushin's artifacts for themselves.

Yesana fled into the swamps where she passed by Shadowless agents. Not knowing that they were part of the faction that had betrayed the Mu Family, she reached out for help. Instead, they slit her throat with a dagger and left her to bleed out. As she went to reach for her daughter, a man appeared and took the baby into his arms, cradling it as if it were his own. Yunsang raised the baby who grew up to be Yunwa, the Princess of Thieves of the Lumang Syndicate.

Yesana's spirit reuniting with her sister, Yehara.

Her spirit remained trapped within a lotus flower at Lotus Lake where she died. Yehara would visit the site frequently. When the hero comes and frees her spirit from the lotus in order to move the flower to Clear Sky, she appears before them, explaining the events that led to her death and how it was untrue that she had been killed by the Grimhorn as commonly believed.

After she entrusts Yehara with finding her daughter and letting her sister know how much she loves her and her daughter, she finally passes on.

Her lotus flower is then moved to Clear Sky Village where Jang Jongwon can look after it.