Yehara's Mirage

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Yehara's Mirage[edit | edit source]

Yehara's Mirage

Continent Middle West
Zone The Cinderlands
Region The Scorching Sands
Yehara's Mirage
Services Windstride.png Vault.png Bonfire.png Dailyquest.png Wheeloffate.png Faction Changer Icon.png
Merchants General Merchant Icon.png Weapon Merchant Icon.png Clothing Merchant Icon.png General Merchant Icon.png Zenbean.png Valor Stone Merchant Icon.png
Gathering Fnetwork.png Gthumbs.png Hservice.png Punion.png Scutters.png Talliance.png Tfellers.png
Crafting Acquiredtaste.png Earthseer.png Forgekeepers.png Merrypotter.png Radiantring.png Silvercauldron.png Ssartisan.png

Yehara's Mirage is located in The Cinderlands and serves as one of the major cities in Blade and Soul, with the others being Jadestone Village, the Hogstead Hamlet, and Zaiwei City. Being a major town, Yehara's Mirage features everything that a traveler would need. Within its walls lies a representation for each of the Gathering and Crafting Guilds along with two Clan overseers at which the player can create their own clan, a valor stone exchange merchant and their wheel, as well as whirlwind valley, zen bean traders and a faction changer. There is also a portal to Zaiwei.

Clan Overseers[edit | edit source]

The Clan Overseers are located at opposite sides of the city. The Crimson Legion clan overseer is located at the far west extension to the city next the the Radiant Ring representatives and the clothing merchant. The Cerulean Order clan overseer is located at the far east side of the city between the two side rooms.

Valor Stone Exchange[edit | edit source]

The valor stone trader, and his wheel are located to the right side of the staircase into the main building. The trader offers a variety of costumes and soul shields including:

  • Stratus Empire Uniform (Open world PvP) (Can be acquired through quests) (20 Valor Stones)
  • Ashes in the fall (Red) (Can be acquired through quests) (10 Valor Stones)
  • Ashes in the fall (White) (Can be acquired through quests) (10 Valor Stones)
  • Viridian Valor Stone (5 try again tokens, acquired through rolling the wheel)
  • Cinderlands Baotite Weapon (Essential for weapon evolution) (10 Valor Stones)
  • Cinderlands Unsung Hero's Soul shield 1-8 (1 Valor Stone Each, 8 total)
  • Cinderlands Reknowed Valor Soul shield (Improved Version of the other Soul shield) (2 Valor Stones each, 16 total)
Crafting and Gathering[edit | edit source]
  • Fish Network (Bottom Left)
  • Earthseers (Bottom Left)
  • Merry Potters (West Extension, South room)
  • Stone Cutters (West Extension, Bottom Left)
  • Green Thumbs (West Extension, Top Left)
  • Radiant Ring (West Extension, North room)
  • Silver Cauldron (Top Left)
  • Herbside Service (Top Right)
  • Trapper's Alliance (Top Right)
  • Soul Shield Artisan (Soul Wardens) (Top Right)
  • Forgekeepers (Top Right)
  • Tree Fellers (Bottom Right)
  • Acquired Taste (Basement of the main building)