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Xanos Soul Shield

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A heroic Soul Shield set dropped in Dspire.png Naryu Sanctum.


Lv 50 Xanos Soul Shield

Set Stats[edit source]

TagIcon Alpha 01.png TagIcon Alpha 02.png TagIcon Alpha 03.png TagIcon Alpha 04.png TagIcon Alpha 05.png TagIcon Alpha 06.png TagIcon Alpha 07.png TagIcon Alpha 08.png
Heroic HP 4,660
Critical 316
Evasion 44
HP ? HP ? HP 3,730
Critical 252
Defense 50
HP ? HP ? HP 5,280
Critical 357
Evasion 59
HP ?

Set Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Xanos's Oath
Attack Power +7, Critical Damage +7%, and Piercing +423


Basic Refined Superior Heroic Legendary
HP ?
Critical ?
Evasion ?
Defense ?

Acquisition[edit | edit source]