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Winter Mane

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Winter Mane
Winter Mane.jpg
Lv 51 HM1 Dungeon Boss
Race Terror
Class [[]]
HP 4,920,800
Location Cold Storage
Cs map wm.jpg

Winter Mane is the first boss of the heroic dungeon Cold Storage located in Zaiwei in the Silverfrost Mountains.

Boss Attacks/Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Winter Mane uses the following attacks:

  • punch with left hand
  • 180 degree frontal sweep attack with right hand (knockback)
  • 360 degree circle AOE; 3 hits; last hit knockback
  • throw ice at a player, if hit player gets frozen for 18s
  • pulls a player with iron chain
  • charge and roaring attack
  • jumps into the air and strikes on the ground
  • tread on the ground with left foot (AOE daze)
  • can counter frontal attack
  • put right hand on the ground to summon an automaton
  • 6000 damage and full-screen flash after automaton explode (can be iframed)
  • if HP < 1,000,000: generate ice pools on floor which explode after few seconds

Note: If the bosses froze a player and an automaton hits this frozen player, this player will receive a penetration buff which basically increases your DPS.

Note: It may help if a Blade Dancer or Destroyer carry the boss into a corner of the room, so that less automatons pass by and explode.

Getting hit by an automaton explode flashbang, the player is unable to move for 1-2 seconds and thus can't dodge other attacks like the main AOE which should be CC'ed or iframed. So it is a good idea to iframe the exploding automatons, as well.

Achievements and Titles[edit | edit source]

No titles can be obtained from this boss

CharcterStatus Tab Arena.png Ice to Meet You[edit | edit source]

Defeating Winter Mane leads to the following achievements and achievement points:

# Winter Mane kills Achievement name # points
1 CharcterStatus Tab Arena.pngIce to Meet You 10
10 CharcterStatus Tab Arena.pngChill Out 20
100 CharcterStatus Tab Arena.pngThe Cold Shoulder 30
1000 CharcterStatus Tab Arena.pngSnow Time Like the Present 45

Quests[edit | edit source]

Defeating the first boss, Winter Mane, is part of the daily quest Dailyquest.png Snowed In and the dynamic quest Dquest.png Winter Wrap-Up .

Loot[edit | edit source]

Loot Table
Sealed Ice Weapon
Demon Spirit Stone
Stylish Guerilla Design
Feral Fang Design
Sentry Hairpin Design
Petal of Lament
Pink Penguin Pet

Frost Mane's Treasure
2x Freezing Orb
Extravagant Fragment Pouch
Ordinary Fragment Pouch
Stylish Fragment Pouch
Blue Orb
Gem Hammer
Green Orb
Naryu Tablet
Radiant Energy
Red Orb
Demon Spirit Stone
Freezing Orb
Honorary Ornament
Legendary Gem Hammer
Petal of Lament