Wings of Mushin

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The Wings of Mushin, a giant Naryu automaton bird.

The Wings of Mushin refers to a giant, automaton Roc bird which when the Silver and Golden Crests are presented by Mushin's Heir, the bird will fly them to Mushin's Tomb containing Mushin's Legacy.

The hero discovers an ancient Naryu text in the Shadowmist Keep containing a poem referring to the Wings of Mushin:

With a bright golden brilliance and a thundering sound

The Wings of Mushin burst up through the ground

It flew across all of man's domain

Until it found one worth of its reign

Mushin rode the beast so free

Lighting up a world shrouded in Dark Chi

When Mushin fell from the world of men

His Wings laid rest in the sands again

The Wings wait now, stiller than a tree

Until the Chosen brings forth the key

Ah, Lo! Master of high and low!

The Wings of Mushin!

Oh, Lo! Bask in its golden glow!

The Wings of Mushin!