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While Supplies Last

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Subquest.png While Supplies Last
Starving Raptor.png
Type Side
Daily No
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Act Act , Chapter
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Preceded by [[]]
Followed by Eggs-press Delivery
Given by Gyonjogi
Starts in Sandstone Refuge
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Ends in Sandstone Village
Turn in to Bujang
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Rewards 600 XP
5 Dumpling
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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Gyonjogi
  2. Talk to Yuhwa
  3. Talk to Bujang
  4. Fire the warning shot to find a female Starving Raptor
  5. Report to Bujang

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Talk to Gyonjogi

"Hello there! Interested in Sandstone Refuge's famous Fried Raptor Wings? They're half off today."
No, thank you.
"These wings are a rare delicacy, friend. At these prices, you'd be a fool to pass them up."
"I knew you'd come around! No one can resist something so delicious. (Gyonjogi, master salesman, strikes again.) Go see Yuhwa near the Forgekeepers. She cooks the wings, so you'll need to get them from her."

2. Talk to Yuhwa

"My sincere apologies. We're a little understaffed at the moment. Are you here for the half price Raptor Wings?"
I am.
"I have other customers to serve first, I'm afraid. Without my husband here to help, I'm a little behind."
Where is your husband?
"He went out to hunt another raptor for us to fry up. That was hours ago."
We didn't expect this half price deal to be so popular. I can't keep up with the demand and I'm even running out of meat. You look like you can handle yourself. Do you mind doing me a huge favor? Track down my no-good husband and tell him to get back here with that meat before these customers get any more impatient. He should be right outside the village, hunting raptors. More likely, he's just standing around."

3. Talk to Bujang

"Hey there, friend. What can I do for you this fine day? (The sky sure is a lovely shade of blue today.)"
Yuhwa sent me to get you."
"Oh shoot. She's probably waiting for me to get back with more Raptor Wings to fry up. (I'm sure Yuhwa has it all under control.) But I can't go back without more meat. Yuhwa would be so disappointed in me. I would have been finished by now, but I've got a problem."
What's the problem?
"Yuhwa told me to only bring the meat of certain gender raptor, but I can't remember which one she told me to get. I'm pretty sure we want male wings. Or maybe female? Argh, there's no time. Yuhwa needs these now. Let's just say it's female wings we need!"
Can't it be either?
"Of course not! One of them smells just awful. Now take this rifle. The raptors are drawn to noise. When you fire it, the blast will certainly attract one. I'd do it, but I have sensitive hearing."

4. Fire the warning shot to find a female Starving Raptor

5. Report to Bujang

"I remembered that I wrote on my hand which gender we needed. It was female all along! I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell my wife what took me so long. She'll be mad enough as it is."