Vanquish the Horrible Night

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Subquest.png Vanquish the Horrible Night
Vanquish the Horrible Night.png
Type Side
Daily Yes
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Act Act , Chapter
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Followed by [[]]
Given by Jihei
Starts in Earthseer Bulwark
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Ends in Earthseer Bulwark
Turn in to Jihei
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Rewards 1300 XP
2 Cinderlands Thorn
1 Cinderlands Reward Chest
1 White Rose
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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Jihei
  2. Defeat Nekuro
  3. Report to Jihei

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Talk to Jihei

"The source of the corruption remains a mystery, but we may be able to determine who or what has been animating the Jiangshi and undead soldiers. I took a charm off one of the Jiangshi and had it delivered to a Gravewatcher who is familiar with these matters. Those who deal with the Dark Arts leave their imprint on every charm they create. (The Earthseers do not meddle with such charms.) If we know who is animating the undead, we can determine how to stop them. In the meantime, my Earthsister Jinkyung is trying to activate the Orb of Purification within the Darkglimpse Cavern. It may be our only hope for restoring balance."
How can I help?
"I admire your courage. If you are willing to help the Earthseers once more, please assist Jinkyung in her efforts. The Orb must be protected if we are to stop the corruption. The fiends and Jiangshi will stop at nothing to destroy the Orb. We must stop at nothing to protect it."

2. Defeat Nekuro

3. Report to Jihei

"I sensed a presence, something wicked, dark, and powerful. What was it that tried to stop the purification?"
"Nekuro? I've heard the name, but my understanding was that he was already dead. This does not bode well. Even now, I can sense his lingering anger. I suppose I should not be surprised that a man who summons the undead could himself return from the dead. At least now we know who created the Jiangshi and undead soldiers. With this knowledge, we can develop charms to counter-act his. Uncertainty remains, but for now, I thank you for your help and for your courage. May you walk the path of balance."