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Playable Races[edit source]

"I hope customization will be more diverse than this picture portrays lol."

Blade and Soul contains four, count 'em: four, playable races for players to choose from. Each race is completely different from the others. Physical differences are a given, but each race has a specific back story, cultural differences, and skills. Pick the one that's best for you and I'll see you in-game!

The Gon[edit source]

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Overview[edit source]

Immovable, unwavering, tenacious, daunting. These are the Gon. This dark skinned race towers over the races in height and strength. Characterized by the spirit of earth, the Gon fight with unprecedented power and grace. They use their awe inspiring size to demoralize opponents, then exhibit a prowess worthy of the inflicted terror. Outside of battle they are a honorable and selfless race. Going out of their way to help others in their way of life. One can find no better hospitality then that received by the Gon.

Characteristics[edit source]

  • Dark skin
  • Tallest of the races
  • Very muscular
  • Easily influenced by evil
  • Strong willed, stubborn nature
  • Women of the Gon are characterized as tall and sexily muscular. Their character leans towards impulsive yet are utterly selfless in their actions[1]

Other Info[edit source]

Legends tells of the origin of the Gon:

Born of dragon's breath, they were gifted with strength and power unmatched in the world. However, their hearts and minds were effortlessly taken advantage of by dark impulses. As a result of their weakness in the face of the dragons that gave them life, they were plagued by the same curse placed on their makers by the gods themselves. Steadfast as they are, the Gon accepted their destiny and now wander the earth aiding the afflicted, hoping that one day their people will be absolved.[2]

Available Classes[edit source]

The Gon can choose from 2 classes[3]:

The Jin[edit source]

With strong will and determination, all can be achieved.

Overview[edit source]

To a human, the Jin are about as similar as one could hope to find. . . in appearance anyway. The phrase "never judge a book by its cover" was written with this race in mind. A Jin's skeletal structure alone is far superior. This supplies a Jin with exceptional dexterity. However, a Jin's true strength lies within their minds and soul. A Jin's spirit is as unwavering in morality as the wind in the center of a storm. Their mental capabilities are unquestioned, giving them the ability to comprehend anything and everything they put there minds to learn. Most famous martial artists and even intellectual geniuses are of the Jin race. The Jin are also gifted with a strong sense of justice. Much like the Gon, they spend their time helping those in need, sharing in their burdens as if they were their own.[4][5]

Characteristics[edit source]

  • Average human characteristics of height and physical size.
  • Immense determination
  • Strong spirit and sense of Justice
  • Incredible comprehensive ability
  • A spectacular skeletal structure

Other Info[edit source]

Because of their similarity to humans, many Jin never realize their true ability and live as human criminals.[6]

Available Classes[edit source]

The Jin can choose from 3 classes[7]:

The Yun[edit source]

Real strength never impairs beauty or harmony, but often bestows it; and in everything imposingly beautiful, strength has much to do with the magic.

Overview[edit source]

Two words: Male Fantasy. The Yun. . . what more is there to say? I'm kidding. What ISN'T there to say. This gorgeous harem of a race is composed of 100% women of which you'd be lucky to even catch a glimpse. These pictures of physical perfection are a rare sight as they prefer the company of nature to temporal pleasures. The ladies of the Yun dwell within the natural barriers of hidden mountains, valleys, rivers and streams. Hiding themselves away from the chaos of the world, they content themselves with the arts, music, and poetry. Their concealing habits coupled with unrivaled beauty often have them mistaken for goddesses when seen. The Yun's very namesake refers to their supposed origin being the heavens. Besides their physical appearance, the Yun's sense of order and balance is also superior. It is not uncommon to hear that a Yun has emerged to hold negotiations with the other races in an attempt to reestablish order.[8][9]

Characteristics[edit source]

  • Unrivaled beauty and grace
  • An affinity for nature the arts
  • A conservative people
  • A strong sense of order and balance

Other Info[edit source]

Mythology speaks of the Phoenix: the bird of eternity. The Yun are said to be blessed with its power.[10]

Available Classes[edit source]

The Yun can choose from 2 classes[11]:

The Lyn[edit source]

Love Light for it shows us the way; Endure Darkness for it shows us the stars.

Overview[edit source]

If there ever was a discriminated race it would be the Lyn, thus proving that "people fear what they can't understand". These small, cute, childlike people are the most mysterious in all of Blade and Soul. They're most noticeable characteristic is the large animal ears and lengthy tail they all possess. Born with exceptional levels of the 5 senses, the Lyn have the strongest base ability to survive of any of the races. It is widely known that the Lyn harbor powers of which the rest of the races have no knowledge. Those known are the ability to converse with the dead, and to look through secrets and mysteries beyond that of other races ability. However, because of their ability to speak with the dead, they are perceived as an evil omen and often discriminated against by the general public. These people's sense of mischief is their cultures personality. Yet, no evil intent is ever involved in their fun as they are a gentle and disciplined people. They desire to use their power to find and create peace between the living and the dead by being their bridge.[12][13]

Characteristics[edit source]

  • Small, petite frame
  • Superior senses
  • Large animal ears and lengthy tail
  • Hind-leg style feet
  • Feral eyes/slitted pupils
  • Mischievous nature
  • Ability to converse with the dead
  • Ability to see through hidden secrets

Other Info[edit source]

The legendary creature called the Kylin is said to be the source of the Lyn's many abilities. The Lyn are also said to be the main attraction in a Blade and Soul wide sport: Lyn Punting.[14]

Available Classes[edit source]

The Lyn can choose from two classes[15]:

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