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Greetings[edit | edit source]

Hi, welcome to my Wiki Userpage! If you want know more about me, you can check my profile on the Dojo ;)

Here I keep my todo list, and what I'm currently doing on this wiki.

World map[edit | edit source]

The world map tree: World > Continents > Zones (the ones listed in game client map) > Regions > Locations > Dungeons.

Regions, Locations and Dungeons (not all), are all grouped together in the map choosebox of the client.

A region is a map with two or more between smaller regions (not listed in game client), locations and dungeons.

A location is a place that, when you enter it, changes its visible map to a local map.

A dungeon is a special map whose its mobs population will "resets" each time you enter in.

Stuff...[edit | edit source]

Recent changes
Category tree
Delete candidates (duped files)
Wanted categories

TODO LIST[edit | edit source]

  • put into template all skills listed in class pages

Sandboxes[edit | edit source]

User:Andreably/Sandbox - User:Andreably/T1 - User:Andreably/T2 - User:Andreably/T3

NOTES[edit | edit source]

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