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Description[edit | edit source]

Skill icon summoner uppercut.png
Deals [2.50] damage

Knockup enemies

Range Area Cast Cooldown
5m Target Instant 18sec.
Skill Requirements
Target Stunned, Dazed

Uppercut is a skill available when your opponent is being dazed/stunned, knocking up the opponent to the mid-air, enabling the use of the Summoner's Play Time or other classes' airborne attack skills

Uppercut is triggered by pressing Key Alphabet V 128.png on a Stun/Dazed target.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Requires Level 24

Trait Trees[edit | edit source]

The skill has no trait tree.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Uppercut is a good skill to use in PvP and solo content like Mushin's Tower, especially with Rumblebees that allows to hit mid-air target. An airborne opponent is helpless and cannot use any escape skill in mid-air.
  • When the target hits the ground, there is a brief time that he is considered as being knock downed, allowing the use of Power Pounce to extend the CC duration, or let Weed Whack benefiting from cooldown reduction.
  • If do it right, the combination between Power Pounce, Uppercut, Play Time and Weed Whack can chain CC some bosses in Mushin, skipping their dangerous mechanic attack.
  • However, in PvE group content, knocking up the boss is annoying to other players, especially melee classes who cannot use their stronger skills on mid-air target.
  • If you use Sunflower, do not use Uppercut, as your attack will certainly miss the target.