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Up in Arms

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Campaignquest.png Up in Arms
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 1, Chapter 25
Preceded by Take a Message
Followed by The Rescue Party
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Somunbu's carrier crow idea had worked better than he dared to hope. Not only had he intercepted the exact location of where they were keeping Namsoyoo;he had also received the guard schedule. Now they could plan their assault when the least Blackram guards were on duty for maximum effect. The Blackram thought they were clever for using carrier crows instead of pigeons for their messages. They thought crows would never be suspected of transmitting messages. But Somunbu would make sure they would pay for their arrogance.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Bojimu
  2. Gather 12 Stonebiter Brute Fragment
  3. Talk to Bojimu
  4. Talk to Somunbu

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]


"Who are you? Are you with the Bamboo Guard? I'm sick of you people."
What's wrong? And where are the swords?
"Somunbu says the Forgekeepers are not delivering what they promised. Nonsense!"
"We delivered the swords all right, but apparently the blades aren't up to the Bamboo Guard's so-called high standards..."
"They want our blades to cut through the hide of Stonebiter Brutes. Ha! What ordinary blade does that, may I ask?"
"We were forced to make the blades all over again using Blue Iron from the Silverfrost Mountains. Oh, but don't worry, I'm adding a heft premium to the cost."
"Now I just need to prove these new swords can cut through Stonebiter hide. This place is thick with the beasts, but I'm not exactly a Blade Master."
"So, if you're looking for something useful to do, fetch me some chunks of Stonebiter hide for our final test. Well, what are you waiting for?"


"You're back. And I see you have plenty of test samples. Excellent. This'll be enough to prove that Forgekeeper blades have no equal."
"You may want to return to Somunbu at the outpost. A messenger of his was yelling about something or other. I forget what."


"Did you take care of the weapons? Good. But unfortunately, we have an even bigger headache. Dodan as snuck into the Blackram narrows. he's trying to rescue Namsoyoo!"
"Dodan thinks he can order guards around and play hero just because he's Dochun's boy. Now our entire assault might be in jeopardy, not to mention Lady Namsoyoo's safety."
"We've run out of time. I have to rally our forces here and prepare the attack."
"In the meantime, infiltrate the Blackram South Fleet. You must ensure lady Namsoyoo's safety, and hopefully prevent Dodan and his guards from ruining everything we've planned."