Unearthed Plot

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Campaignquest.png Unearthed Plot
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 1, Chapter 18
Preceded by Shroom to Grow
Followed by Abandoned Post
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Pundihay couldn't explain it, but something just felt strange in Jadestone Village. Off. He looked out the window. The sky was downcast and gloomy, much more than usual for this time of year. But even more than that, a dark cloud had descended on the village, enveloping everything in a sickly haze.

That's when the first scream echoed.

Fear gripped Pundihay's heart. The screams and yells multiplied, and they mixed with unearthly, monstrous moans. Pundihay stood and raced to the door. For a moment, the fog parted, and he caught sight of an undead abomination, a Jiangshi, stalking the path. The beauty of Jade had been replaced with a a hellish nightmare.

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]