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Underboss Shin Mugang

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The big guy Underboss Shin Mugang is a destroyer and has one very annoying skill. He regenerates his HP throughout the whole fight. Along with this he has 2 annoying attacks. One is a kneebutt which stuns you & the other is a one sided aoe attack with knocks you over (both are avoidable if you move quick enough). If any of these hits you and you do not break the CC right away, he will grab you and do some extra damage. But thats not everything! Although you can’t see in the screenshot, there are 2 lion statues on either side of the room. Sadly, they are not just for show – when he reaches around 75% one will spawn and 50% for the other.

The hardest part of this fight is keeping his hp-regen to an absolute minimum. Make sure his guards are dead before you unleash your most powerful attacks & try to make sure he is always being hit. Kiting is not good here so even if you think you might die do as much dps as you can before going out.