Treasure of the Kameleon

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Campaignquest.png Treasure of the Kameleon
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 7, Chapter 7
Preceded by Hitting the Wall
Followed by The Iron Shadow
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Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 120,000 XP
75Silver.png 0Copper.png
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Ku Yang "Only trusted diplomats and officials can enter the Palace. The Empress Dowager has that placed locked up tighter than a tortoise shell... and this tortoise isn't exactly ticklish, if you know what I mean"

"Maybe someone here at the Inn has connections. You try the Blackram, I'll try the back alleys. We'll find something."

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Dokgom in the Eastwinds Inn - 2F
  2. Speak with Bunyang
  3. Speak with Bae Ling
  4. Find the Archaeologists in the Forgotten Forest
  5. Speak with Yu Chungjun in the Sanandi Meadows
  6. Defeat the Shadow Guard Captain and take its Sanandi's Charm
  7. Defeat the Enforcer Captain and take its Sanandi's Charm
  8. Defeat the Shadow Priest and take its Sanandi's Charm
  9. Go into the Altar of the Old Gods
  10. Defeat Venom King Guanba
  11. Take the Naryu Dynamo inside the Altar of the Old Gods
  12. Speak with Yu Chungjun