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Training System

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Many will find the Training system to be similar to skill trees in other well known RPG games, but with its own unique characteristics. A Skill tree is an aspect of some games that allow custom configurations of a characters abilities.

Blade & Soul provides its players with many ways to create a unique character, allowing them to customize it to fit their play style. The Training system is one of many ways to do this. Once your character reaches level 15 and completes Chapter 17 of the main story, the Training system will unlock. Through the Training system and leveling, your character will unlock hidden powers to fend off evil.

This will allow you to choose through certain skills that have different archetypes, So something like if you were to switch it to a separate bar where it says multiple use and it will make it so the skill that was originally a single use skill in to a multiple use skill that has a weak attack but stronger effect

When you hear "strengthening," you would think the damage of certain moves will be increased. But in this case, you can also make your counters last a bit longer, increase the duration of your stuns, or even open up more combo options for certain skills, not to mention making certain skills available when you are immobilized. The Training system focuses more on utility of the skills rather than power. For example, a Kung-Fu Master's Leap Stomp has a 12 second cool down, but if you put a point in this skill it will allow the Leap Stomp cooldown to be reset when you use the Force Punch skill. In addition, it will also allow the use of Force Punch when you are stunned.

You do not need to worry about your skill selection. The skills you put in this system can be reset at any given moment for free.

System Organization[edit | edit source]

The training tab is organized with two categories: The left and the right as well as different was to view your skills

The left side contains the sorting of your skills which normally split into things like stuns, knockdowns, dazes, combos and some class specific items like electric and wind spirits for blade dancer and orbs for warlock.

This side also contains one of the most essential choices which is the element tabs, these choice of tabs allows you to completely change how you play because normally each element has different responsiblities like dps or the amount of eyeframes you have. What these two tabs are are normally decided by what class you is because classes will normally have 2 main elements

The right side has the skills.

Most skills have the ability to be changed to a different effect or sometimes even into a completely different skill.

Skills will be unlocked according to the level next to it and some archetypes will be locked until a level that are different from the original skills requirement level

There some skills that is currently still locked because of the level 55 cap isn't released yet

Class Training Lists[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of all the classes' abilities, ability modifiers, and their descriptions found in each of their training system tabs.

Use the links below to jump to a class.

Blade Master
Kung-Fu Master
Force Master
Blade Dancer

Hongmoon Techniques[edit | edit source]

In addition to the base skills each class has access to are the end-game Hongmoon Techniques located at the end of some ability trees. Each skill costs 2 skill points to activate and is often a significant power boost. There are various methods for obtaining these legendary and powerful skills involving both PvP and PvE. As of the current patch, there's 1 skill for each class with one branch being unlocked exclusively through PvP methods with the other branches through a skill book obtained from the 4-man version of Bloodshade Harbor. Each branch requires one book, unique to each class, from the 4-man Bloodshade Harbor's last boss - Hae Mujin.

List of Hongmoon Skills[edit | edit source]

Here's a quick run down of what skills are available for each class.

The skill that's unlockable via PvP costs 5000 Zen beans (4500 for via the premium Dragon Express Store). Note that for most classes, this skill is generally PvE oriented and are not as useful in a PvP situation. The skill books are tradeable and can be bought on the market but due to the current demand, it costs 100+ gold.

Hongmoon Levels[edit | edit source]

In the current patch for the NA and EU servers, you start gaining Hongmoon levels as soon as you reach Level 45. For those who left the game and were at max level before the patch dropped, you just need to gain 1 XP or more by any means and you will automatically convert to Level 45 HM 1. Upon reaching level one, players gain some stats as well as the ever important skill points. Before the patch, players had a skill point cap of 31 points. At the current patch, a player at HM 5 will have 42 skill points (11 extra from Hongmoon Levels). There are ultimately 20 Hongmoon level in the latest content patch in Korea at the max level of 50 for a total of 69 skill points.

The combat capability difference is minute at first but becomes more pronounced as the player reaches the Hongmoon level cap. As such, an HM 5 player has a noticeable advantage versus an HM 1 player.

LVL Skill


HP ATK DEF Parry Dodge XP Required
1 5 500 0 6 6 8 1 XP at level cap - 50
2 1 566 0 7 7 9 750,000 XP
3 2 641 2 8 8 11 900,000 XP
4 1 726 2 9 9 12 1,000,000 XP
5 2 822 4 10 10 14 1,138,000 XP
6 1 931 4 12 12 16 2,008,000 XP
7 2 1054 6 13 13 18 3,000,000 XP
8 1 1194 6 15 15 21 5,000,000 XP
9 2 1352 8 17 17 23 8,000,000 XP
10 1 1531 8 20 20 27 10,000,000 XP

Note that in the PvP arena, the stat bonuses are nullified due to the normalization effect but the skill point advantage is still pronounced.

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