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There Will Be Bloody Jiangshi

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Subquest.png There Will Be Bloody Jiangshi
Bloody jiangshi.png
Type Side
Daily No
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Act Act , Chapter
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Preceded by [[]]
Followed by [[]]
Given by Moyong Jung
Starts in Foshi Pyres
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Ends in Foshi Pyres
Turn in to Moyong Jung
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Rewards 540 XP
1 Viridian Coast Escape Charm
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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Moyong Jung
  2. Collect charms from Bloody Jiangshi at the Moonshade Cemetery (0/8)
  3. Speak with Moyong Jung

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Speak with Moyong Jung

"The cemetery is restless."
"Did you see the Bloody Jiangshi on your way in? I've never seen this many together at once.(Jiangshi never stop hopping...) Bloody Jiangshi are small, fidgety, and annoying. They wouldn't concern me if it weren't for the fact that Jiangshi never wake up on their own. Someone used incantations to animate them, and this is what concerns me."
What do you mean?
"Only someone with a deep understanding of the dark arts could unleash so many Jiangshi, If I can examine the charms on their foreheads I should be able to determine who created them and how to dispel them."
How can I help?
"If you're willing and able, please obtain charms from Bloody Jiangshi and bring them to me. Once I have charms, I'll figure out how to send their spirits onward and learn who roused them in the first place."
"Keep a sharp eye. Jiangshi are faster than they look."

2. Collect charms from Bloody Jiangshi at the Moonshade Cemetery (0/8)

3. Speak with Moyong Jung

"Always hopping, never ceasing."
"It looks like you fought some Bloody Jiangshi and managed to stay alive."
Here are the charms.
"Wait...are you certain you found these here? I haven't seen this type of charm in years. (There is only one that uses this charm...) can't be. He's dead.
I fear this evil is deeper than I thought. I will investigate further. Thank you for your help."
"There must be someone else..."