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The Wings of Mushin

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Campaignquest.png The Wings of Mushin
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 39
Preceded by The Gun, the Sword, and the Fan
Followed by The Tomb and the Traitor
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Jinsoyun spoke in her familiar, cold, deliberate tone, as if each word hinted at a threat. "You will find Mushin's heir," she told Lusung. "The heir must be killed. Only then will vengeance be complete."

Lusung nodded in silence as Jinsoyun gave him Mushin's Compass. "Complete this task," she said, "and I will teach you secret arts, skills that no pupil of Master Hong has ever known."

Lusung watched the needle of the compass spin and stop. His direction was now clear. Even the secret arts promised by Jinsoyun paled in comparison to the nearly unstoppable force held within Mushin's Legacy. Why would he kill Mushin's heir and abandon the opportunity to unlock divine power? Lusung had already managed to betray Master Hong. The time had come to betray Jinsoyun.

Objectives[edit | edit source]