The Trail of Dead

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Campaignquest.png The Trail of Dead
The Trail of Dead.png
Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 5
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Preceded by The Cult and the Lone Warrior
Followed by Desperate Priestesses
Given by Hansu
Starts in Oakshade Village
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Ends in Oakshade Village
Turn in to Han Sirang
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Rewards 710 XP
1Silver.png 12Copper.png
Premium Level
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Few things in the world could bring the old rivals Hansu and Sansu together, but they each wanted to see this warrior firsthand. Madun had prophesized that the warrior before them would be the one to stop Jinsoyun, to decide the fate of the Earthen Realm. Hansu and Sansu tried to hide their doubts as they encouraged the warrior.

Soon after, the two leaders of the Warring Factions ventured out into the arid Cinderlands. Time was running out, and there was still one rumor left to investigate...

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Hansu
  2. Speak with Sansu
  3. Speak with Bengchan at the Tomun Refugee Camp
  4. Examine the Corrupted Corpses near the Tomun Refugee Camp
  5. Read the Scout's Report
  6. Report to General Han

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Speak with Hansu

"You're looking much stronger than when I last saw you."
What are you doing here?
"The Eight Masters have tasked Sansu and I with finding a certain individual."
"He is one of the Four Guardians, like Master Hong. His name is Mushin, the Divine Fist. Mushin is famously known as the strongest martial artist in history. (The Eight Masters are nothing compared to Mushin's legendary strength.) Madun has had a vision and insists that Mushin is alive and in this region. With the aid of a Guardian like Mushin, we may have a chance at defeating Jinsoyun! (I pray Madun's vision is correct.) Though I do wonder about Madun's... reliability."

2. Speak with Sansu

"Don't mind Hansu. You'll find Jiangshi less serious than him. So you've been training? Good! You'll need to be much stronger if you're gonna stand a chance against Jinsoyun. For now, you should investigate the clue General Han mentioned. That may shed some light on your foe. We'd love to stay and help, but we have a mission of our own to complete. We'll meet again, I'm sure of it."

3. Speak with Bengchan at the Tomun Refugee Camp

"Ah, you must be the one General Han told me about. Thanks for coming."
What happened here?
"A couple of children found the corpse. It's unlike anything I've seen, as though the life has been drained from it. There are other bodies nearby, if you care to look them over."

4. Examine the Corrupted Corpses near the Tomun Refugee Camp

5. Read the Scout's Report

"I caught sight of a woman dressed in black. She had three companions. Perhaps she's also looking for the leader of the Tyrian Cult. She had a dark aura about her. I've never seen anything like it."

6. Report to General Han

"We heard grumblings of even more of these corpses being discovered further north. It's a safe bet that Jinsoyun's behind all of them. The Tyrian Cult has a base of operations to the north. It's possible that she's allied herself with them. As if these Cultists were enough, the prospect of them allied with Jinsoyun poses a threat to the entire Empire. I just wish Captain Rogan could recognize that. With or without his help, I need to bring the villagers in the north down here, where we're more fortified. Oh, and one more thing. A couple more gentlemen wish to speak with you. They won't tell me what it's about, but they say it's important. Hear them out, then meet me at Earthseer Hermitage."