The Three Sages

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Campaignquest.png The Three Sages
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 20
Preceded by A Mirage in the Desert
Followed by Mushin's Army
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Ruins were all the remained of the illustrious Naryu Temple. Dokdan was one of the few who remembered the temple's former glory. In its prime, the courtyard of the Naryu Temple was filled with magistrates and peasants, priests and soldiers, people from every corner of the four continents that made up the Naryu Empire.

Dokdan was one of the Three Sages, those whom the Heavens had tasking with finding and mentoring great warriors to defend the people against the gathering darkness. He and his companions believed they found a worthy candidate in the form of a Naryu boy named Mushin. Impressed by his courage and devotion, they taught him secret techniques not known to mortal mean and guided his training as he became the most formidable fighter in the Realm.

Hundreds of years had passed since the day the Three Sages chose Mushin as a defender of the people. Could they now atone for the mistakes of the past? Or was everything falling apart into ruin, crumbling into dust like the once great Naryu Temple? Dokdan sensed two people approaching, their auras shining like twin beams of light. Light represented hope, but where there was light there was always a shadow.

The Three Sages are the current keepers of Mushin's Legacy. They are tasked with passing Mushin's Power on to a worthy descendant. Each one has been leading normal lives under the guise of regular people. Dokdan the Village Doctor (actually Dokdan the Wise), Podan the Vagabond (actually Podan the Humble), and Jakdan the Drunkard (actually Jakdan the Wordly).

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