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The Skyward Path

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Campaignquest.png The Skyward Path
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 3, Chapter 5
Preceded by A Quest Rekindled
Followed by Blood of the Wolf
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Rewards 14100 XP
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Shin Hai and her fellow Redguards crept quietly towards the clearing, their weapons drawn. Skyhaven intelligence reports had placed a unit of Talus soldiers in the area, and Shin Hai intended to see that they never left it.

Every victory against the Talus, no matter how small, dealt a blow against the machinations of the one who really controlled the Talus Dominion. If the Talus soldiers were made to believe that this war was unwinnable, perhaps they would lay down their arms, and the Skyhaven Resistance could finally return power to the people who so loved their country.

As the Redguards moved, a sensation of terrible foreboding came over Shin Hai. It was the same feeling she had in the presence of the Emissary and her lackeys. Shin Hai whirled around to the sound of a shriek, cut inexplicably short. A fellow Redguard stared out in horror as blood gushed from her own throat. She clutched at her wound helplessly before collapsing and becoming perfectly still.

As Shin Hai raised her blade to defend herself, a dagger soared through the air towards her. Another Redguard lunged in front of Shin Hai to deflect the weapon, only to be struck in the heart. Shin Hai caught the girl as she fell, and stood there paralyzed. "Run!" the dying girl choked. And then she was gone. Pulled by an invisible force, the dagger tore itself from the body of the dead Redguard. It flew into the waiting arms of the woman in black leather, the Emissary's lieutenant. She gave a menacing smile and licked the blade clean. Shin Hai's veins turned to ice.

Objectives[edit | edit source]