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The Rescue Party

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Campaignquest.png The Rescue Party
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 1, Chapter 26
Preceded by Up in Arms
Followed by Into the Fire
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Wungsam had proven...interesting. For a few nights, anyway. But the dumb gnarlox quickly became boring. Most of the Blackram men were like that- crass, uneducated, poor, and weak. Between the ignorant simpletons in Bamboo Village and the flithy thugs in the Blackram, Namsoyoo had never felt so lonely. Was there no one she could connect with?

For better or worse, Namsoyoo did eventually find a man she could connect with: Gwon, Wungsam's brother and the captain of the Blackram South Fleet. Strangely enough, her first view of him was through a cage, after Papa had captured him. Despite his imprisonment, he was the most ruggedly handsome man she had ever seen. She became convinced that this man, the sworn enemy of her adoptive father, would be the one to rescue her from her bleak, boring life on the coast. The thought excited her, and her mind was made up. Gwon would be hers.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Pro Tip: Put on your Blackram Uniform if you want to avoid most of the fighting.

  1. Speak with Chengun
  2. Rescue Namsoyoo
  3. Defeat Wungsam
  4. Speak with Namsoyoo
  5. Escape and Speak with Chengun or Somunbu

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Money 30 Copper
  • 860 XP

Dialog[edit | edit source]


"I'm not really a pirate. It's me! Your faithful friend, Chengun!"


"Oh. You. Why are you here?"


"I'm part of the rescue party for Lady Namsoyoo! I know I'm not the big strong heroic type. But there's a very good reason for my being here! Really!
Master Dodan is just so worried about his beloved sister. I couldn't bear to see him in that state, so I joined the team to bring her home. The daring rescue, uh, hasn't gon as well as we hoped."


"Where is she?"


"They're keeping Lady Namsoyoo in that ship over there. Oh, it's just terrible. I can hear her terrified screams from here."
"Please, champion, you must save me. Er, her. Save her. I will faithfully cover this strategic rear position as usual."


"You know you shouldn't be hitting on your future sister-in-law."


"Oh, you know you like me better than him."

Namsoyoo sees you:

"Oh!" Slaps Wungsam "Let go of me you brute."


"What? What??"


"Help! This brute, he tried to, tried to..."


"Thank you. Please, whatever you think you saw, you can't tell Papa Dochun. I thought that if I played along with these monsters, they'd spare me!"
"If people thought I was... People might say things about me! Please don't tell Papa. I'm his world. This would break his heart."


"Wait... how did this happen?"


"Wait! Behind you! What's that?"


"You rescued Lady Namsoyoo! You are a true hero. What happened in there?"


"Have you seen a woman in a black snakeskin outfit?"


"Snakeskin? In this weather? Ew. I think I'd remember something like that. She didn't pass this way."
"Don't worry. In my experience, horrible villains have a way of popping back up. I'll be on the lookout for this lady in snakeskin."
"You should head on back to town. I'm going to stay here with the Guard and mop things up."
"Oh, one more thing. In her haste to return home, Lady Namsoyoo dropped this letter. Can you bring it back to her? It looks important."
"If i was Lady Namsoyoo, I'd be at the Healing House. Look for her there. Oh, and do Windstride back. It's a long hike, Jyan!"