The Old Village

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Subquest.png The Old Village
Sandstone Village DP.png
Type Side
Daily No
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Act Act , Chapter
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Given by Yu Wonbi
Starts in Sandstone Village
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Ends in Sandstone Refuge
Turn in to Gum Hyeja
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Rewards 2100 XP
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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Yu Wonbi
  2. Talk to Yu Wonbi's Mother, Gum Hyeja
  3. Obtain the Starving Raptor Intestines (0/12)
  4. Report to Gum Hyeja

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Talk to Yu Wonbi

"This is my turf. Any loot in these abandoned houses belongs to me!"
What happened here?
"What, are you some tourist? You're standing in old Sandstone Village. This town used to be huge before the soulstone mining began. Removing all those soulstones woek up some pretty nasty spirits. The villagers that survived their attack fled into the canyon. Sandstone Village was demolished, as you can see, so they established Sandstone Refuge. But this was all a long time ago. It's perfectly safe now, so I dig around and see what goodies folks left behind."
Should you be doing that?
"You sound like my mom. I'm a grown man and I do what I want. But, uh, don't go telling my mom you saw me out here, okay? Seriously, do NOT visit her in Sandstone Refuge."

2. Talk to Yu Wonbi's Mother, Gum Hyeja

"Excuse me, but have you seen my son? His name is Yu Wonbi."
Yes, outside the village.
"Is he in the old village ruins agian? I keep telling him to stay out of there. I'm not stupid. I know what he's doing. It isn't right to steal from the dead, even in times as dark as these. But Yu Wonbi is only trying to provide for his family. Colonel Yonkai taxes us severely and barely leaves us enough to buy food. We don't have a lot of options... Our family was very well off before the spirits attacked. Our manor and wealth in old Sandstone Village was completely destroyed along during their rampage. The attack was our own fault. We became too greedy in our soulstone mining. Soulstones are strongly connected to the Spirit Realm and removing them from the earth angered the spirits greatly. But that's all in the past. I need to focus on finding a way to stop Yu Wonbi from robbing graves. We need to earn our way honorably and I think I know how. The healer Dokdan pays well for medicinal ingredients. I know he needs the intestines of raptors to cure some of the villagers. Yu Wonbi is too weak to slay those massive birds. Please, will you bring me the Starving Blackbird Intestines?"

3. Obtain the Starving Raptor Intestines (0/12)

4. Report to Gum Hyeja

"Thank you for these. The money will help us pay Yonkai's taxes, with enough left over to last us awhile. Dokdan will also be able to help many sick villagers with these ingredients. Yonkai treats our village as his personal labor force, so we have many wounded and ill residents. He has our neighbors and family mining those Soulstones again. We should have sealed those tunnels years ago, after the spirits punished us for our greed. We never thought anyone would be foolish enough to actually enter those mines again, much less dig deeper. (After that incident people have become less generous...) I was there when the spirits destroyed our home and killed most of my family. I fear it will happen again unless Yonkai's ambition is stopped. But you don't want to hear about our village's problems. My thanks to you, warrior. With the money from these intestines, I will be able to convince my son that he no longer needs to steal from corpses. We are in your debt. Many in Sandstone Refuge treat outsiders with suspicion, but please know that you have friends here."