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The Mu Family

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Campaignquest.png The Mu Family
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 26
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Preceded by An Overabundance of Spirits
Followed by Sacrifices Must be Made
Given by Yonkai
Starts in Yonkai Command
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Ends in Yonkai Command
Turn in to Yonkai
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Rewards 2300 XP
Premium Level
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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Yonkai
  2. Speak with Soha
  3. Go to the Altar of Champions in the Grimhorn Wilds
  4. Speak with Juwol
  5. Find the Clear Sky villagers held by the Grimhorn Tribe
  6. Speak with Jang Jongwon
  7. Speak with Yonkai

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Speak with Yonkai

"How fares your search for my... Mushin's Legacy? I don't see you presenting it to me so surely you're still hard at work."
I need information on the Mu family from Clear Sky Village.
"Why in the hell would I waste my time on these people? I'm using my wealth for more important things--like finding the Legacy. If you bring up Clear Sky or Sandstone again without the Legacy, their screams will haunt your nightmares."

2. Speak with Soha

"We have a problem. I found Juwol at the Great Kiln. She's been asking around about the Mu Family, and asking if Mushin had an heir. She threatened Pochung, the chief potter, and he told her about Clear Sky. He said some of the Mu family settled there centuries ago. I went to Clear Sky to keep ahead of Juwol. I asked around about the Mu family but came up with nothing. And now you're here. Are you looking for Mushin's heir too?"
The Mu family heir might have the Silver Crest.
"So the heir could live in Clear Sky? That's a problem. The village moves supplies for Yonkai, and the Grimhorn attacked their caravan. They kidnapped some villagers, so there's a good chance the Grimhorn have the heir, too. (Where do they keep prisoners?) They don't keep them, they eat them! If any captives are still alive, they'll be in the Grimhorn Scullery or the Altar of Champions. you go to the Altar. I'll go to the Scullery."

3. Go to the Altar of Champions in the Grimhorn Wilds

4. Speak with Juwol

"Some would-be-hero, huh? I don't care why you're here, just don't get in my way."

5. Find the Clear Sky villagers held by the Grimhorn Tribe

6. Speak with Jang Jongwon

"Wait, do you work for Yonkai?"
"Listen, I'm grateful to you, but I want you to send Yonkai a message. Tell him that Clear Sky Village will no longer move his supplies. It's too dangerous! (My mother and I are not going to lose anyone else to the Grimhorn!)"
First, tell me: do you know anyone from the Mu family?
"That woman, Juwol, asked me the same question. The Mu family died out during the Talus-Stratus War. There are no more in Clear Sky... Or anywhere. The Mu family was known as a clan of warriors, but the war was long and costly. All of them died except for Yesana, who was with child. But after the war, Clear Sky was attacked by mysterious assassins and Yesana was killed. They found her body near Lotus Lake. (Oh, Yesana...) Her infant daughter perished with her. A lotus flower marks the spot where Yesana fell. Some people claim to have seen her spirit wandering there. Her spirit still lingers there because she was not properly put to rest. I've tried myself, but there are too many Grimhorn! Will you please find the lotus and bring her spirit home?"

7. Speak with Yonkai

"So, Mushin's Legacy. Do you have it?"
Clear Sky Village says they will stand against you.
"Of course they do. Jongwon wants to be a tough guy? Okay, that's fine. But it will cost him. One out of every ten men in Clear Sky. That sounds fair, don't you think? I'll have my most ruthless men subject them to new worlds of pain. I'll show them carnage they can't fathom. Now, find the damn Legacy."