The Gun, the Sword, and the Fan

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Campaignquest.png The Gun, the Sword, and the Fan
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 38
Preceded by Masks of Bone
Followed by The Wings of Mushin
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Rewards 9600 XP
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Her search was finally over. Nearly everything Yehara had done over the past fifteen years, her study of the ancient Naryu language, her collection of ancient tomes, even her decision to build the Mirage in the middle of the Cinderlands, was all in one way or another driven by a singular overarching purpose. She had made a promise, both to herself and to her deceased sisted. A promise to find her niece.

The final piece of the puzzle came to her in the form of Mushin's Compass. The needle had pointed to Yunwa. She was Mushin's Heir, the last-living member of the royal family of Mu. The intruder that Yehara had defeated was undoubtedly trying to kidnap her, knowing that she was the only one who could access Mushin's Legacy. To most of the world, it seemed, the girl was the key to fortune and power. To Yehara, however, Yunwa was simply her long-lost niece and the last-living reminder of her beloved sister, Yesana.

Yehara hurried through the desert. Her network of infirmants had informed her that Yunwa had been captured. Yehara would rescue the girl at any cost. She could not bear the thought of finally finden her niece only to lose her again.

Objectives[edit | edit source]