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The Great Escape

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Campaignquest.png The Great Escape
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 3, Chapter 3
Preceded by A Link to the Past and Present
Followed by A Quest Rekindled
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Rewards 13500 XP
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The Talus Garrison outside of Brightstone was originally constructed as an outpost in the Talus-Stratus wat and served to protect the village from the Stratus army. However, 16 years ago it took on a different, more nefarious purpose.

The Talus army, led by their emissary, Lady Blackrose, invaded and occupied Brightstone village under the guise of searching it for the Guardian Iksanun. But their true purpose soon became apparent: the capture of Brightstone's soulstone mine.

Up until the first citizens were conscripted to work the soulstone mines, Mayor Taywo instructed the villagers to offer no resistance. He had hoped to protect them from the wrath of the Talus. However, when the citizens of Brightstone realized that there was no redemption in sight, a plan was hatched. The only hope for freedom lay in revolution.

Objectives[edit | edit source]