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The Grand Enchantress

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Campaignquest.png The Grand Enchantress
The Grand Enchantress.jpg
Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 7, Chapter 11
Preceded by Down in Flames
Followed by Soul Searching
Given by [[]]
Starts in [[]]
Also occurs in
Ends in [[]]
Turn in to [[]]
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Rewards 350,000 XP
1 Special Hongmoon XP Charm
1 Stratus Splendor
1 Gunwon Razor
2Gold.png 14Silver.png
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It was well known that the legendary Twilight's Edge had the power to open doorways between Realms. After all, a doorway to the Dark Realm had been the crux of Jinsoyun's scheme. But could a fragment of the sword, once shattered, offer similar power? Not the power to travel between Realms, perhaps, but the power to travel instantaneously to points within a Realm itself?

This is the hope Zulia clung to as she prepared a Dark Arts ritual inside Dasari Palace's East Gate. She knew the Edge's explosion had lodged a sliver of the sword in Jinsoyun's body. Now she needed but to extract it, relying on the power trapped in the discarded Stratus relics that cluttered the Inner Sanctum. Would her theory bear fruit? It didn't matter much. She'd have plenty of fun trying.

Jinbin looked forlornly at little Jinsoyun, sleeping her never-ending sleep on the bed. He had been gifted a new sister, and now she had been taken from him, just like his parents before her. Sensing Jinbin's gloom, Bunyang tried to lighten the mood with is usual silliness. Jinbin cracked a smile, but his gaze, as always, came to rest on Jinsoyun--his sister trapped in a shifting world of dreams and of nightmares.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Chul Mugo and travel to the East Gate - Inner Sanctum
  2. Move to the top of the stairs at the East Gate - Inner Sanctum
  3. Defeat the Four New Masters at the East Gate Castle
  4. Speak with Ku Yang
  5. Move to the 2nd Floor of the East Gate - Inner Sanctum
  6. Talk to Jinbin on the 2nd floor of the East Gate - Inner Sanctum
  7. Use the Dragon Pulse to move to the Top Floor of the East Gate - Inner Sanctum
  8. Defeat the Dark Vicar and save Jinsoyun
  9. Speak with Jinbin in the Crew Quarters
  10. Check on Jinsoyun
  11. Speak with Tayjin
  12. Speak with Ku Yang
  13. Speak with Chol Mugo
  14. Speak with Bunyang