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The Final Training

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Subquest.png The Final Training
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Type Side
Daily Yes
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Act Act {{{act}}}, Chapter {{{chapter}}}
Level 45
Preceded by [[{{{precededby}}}]]
Followed by [[{{{followedby}}}]]
Given by Dokdan the Wise
Starts in Mushin's Tower
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Ends in [[{{{ends}}}]]
Turn in to Dokdan the Wise
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Rewards 4500 XP
1 Mushin's Tower Reward Chest
1 Warrior Token
28Silver.png 75Copper.png
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The Final Training is one of many daily quests for the Mushin's Tower dungeon.

Quest[edit | edit source]

Contents[edit | edit source]

Mushin's Tower is the pinnacle of martial arts training in this realm. Every level has a new challenge to overcome, so it's no wonder warriors from all over come to test themselves. Mushin himself ascended to the top of the tower, laying waste to every challenger in his path, over many years of dedicated training. Now all would-be heirs to his legacy walk the same path.
So far, you're way behind the rest. Plenty of other martial artists have already dashed headlong up the stairs to prove themselves. You've got your work cut out for you catching up to them.