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The Famous Hongmoon School

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Campaignquest.png The Famous Hongmoon School
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 5, Chapter 1
Preceded by Evil Never Rests
Followed by An Uninvited Guest
Given by [[]]
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Rewards 43,050 XP
1 Lucent Ring
52Silver.png 0Copper.png
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Junghado strolled along Zaiwei's once prestigious streets, now cluttered with broken bricks and makeshift memorials. He walked alone, only accompanied by a chorus of owls and crickets. Zaiwei would recover one day, but the memory of the Divine Mandate was still too fresh and real for business as usual.

A rat crossed Junghado's moonlit path, only to climb the wall of a nearby home and disappear through a dark window. Junghado waited for a startled scream. Instead, a deep and mournful sigh escaped into the air.

Junghado followed the sound and opened the unlocked door. He found Dochun hunched over his desk with his face in his hands. The rat munched on his untouched dinner from two days prior.

"Dochun, sir," Junghado said. "You must rest."

Dochun raised his head. His beard was wild and unkempt.

Junghado took him by the arm and led him to the untouched bed. The once-great warrior had become a thin husk of a man in the month since Jinsoyun attacked.

"I had her," Dochun whispered in a voice as soft as the wind. "I could have saved her. Soyoo..."

"I know, Dochun," Junghado said. "I too had a princess to protect, and I too nearly lost her. Keep hope in your heart and strength in your body. We will find her. For now, you must rest."

Dochun collapsed in the bed. He stared at Junghado with heavy, weary eyes.

"Tomorrow," he said.

"Tomorrow," Junghado repeated.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Dochun in Northreach
  2. Go to Heaven's Reach
  3. Speak with the Hongmoon Applicant Yongmuk
  4. Speak with Bunyang in front of the Master's Quarters
  5. Open the Inventory and read the Torn Hongmoon Arts Scroll
  6. Speak with Bunyang in front of the Master's Quarters