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The Fall of Brightstone Village

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Campaignquest.png The Fall of Brightstone Village
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 3, Chapter 1
Preceded by Reunions and Revelations
Followed by A Link to the Past and Present
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Rewards 27200 XP
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Mayor Taywo watched as Iksanun faded into the distance, letting out a heavy sigh. Behind him, his daughter Kuwin wept openly. It could not be helped. In the years since Iksanun came to live in Brightstone, he had become a part of the village. But now it was time to leave.

Iksanun had glimpsed visions of the future. He had seen that a great darkness yet hunted for him. If he stayed, he would only be putting the villagers at risk. Taywo closed his eyes and thought back to the day he had first met Iksanun.

The traveler clutched his side as he stumbled through the village.

He had almost made it to the entrance of Mayor Taywo's house when he collapsed. Mayor Taywo called for help, and several nearby villagers carried the traveler inside.

Taywo recognized the traveler almost at once. It was Iksanun that Realmwalker, a Guardian of old. His wound was deep. The Mayor's daughter did all she could to clean and bandage the would, but it still radiated with malevolent energy. Over the course of several months under Kuwin's care, Iksanun finally recovered. The effort of purging the darkness from his body left him weak. He still lived, but would never be the same.

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