The Enemy of My Enemy

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Campaignquest.png The Enemy of My Enemy
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 34
Preceded by Through the Eye of the Needle
Followed by The Blood of Mushin
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Juwol locked her eye onto the odd little man before her as he glanced around nervously at the Yes Men that surrounded him. Gil would be her key to finding Yunsang. If nothing else, Gil could lead her to Yunwa, and Juwol could use Yunwa to lure Yunsang out of hiding. If Yunsang had a weakness, it was his willingness to do anything for his daughter.

To Juwol's surprise, Gil offered her a deal. He informed her that Yunwa had in her possession the Silver Crest, one of the keys to finding Mushin's Legacy. Gil promised to give the crest to Juwol, asking only that she spare Yunwa's life in return. Juwol allowed a slight smile to cross her face. Revenge could wait. If she could obtain the power of Mushin's Legacy, she and the Yes Men would be unstoppable.

Objectives[edit | edit source]