The Cost of War

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Campaignquest.png The Cost of War
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 28
Preceded by Sacrifices Must be Made
Followed by Shadows of the Past
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Muyong slipped the document into his pocket and watched as Yesana put their baby girl to bed, the two of them bathed in the soft moonlight that came in through the window. The infant had her mother's eyes and her father's stubbornness. How much would she have grown by the time he returned? Would he return? Would this be the final time he saw the two of them? Tomorrow, Muyong would go off to war, leaving his home for a world of uncertainty.

He met with his friend Chulu later that night near the statue of General Gubong. He handed over the document, his final will and testament. Chulu protested, but Muyong insisted. Muyong was the final male descendant of the Mu Family. His will contained information that many were willing to kill for, which is why he wanted his friend--a battle-tested warrior--to safeguard the will as opposed to his wife.

"And what should I do if I'm conscripted?" asked Chulu. "You go off to was tomorrow. I may not be too far behind you."

"Well," replied Muyong. "I suppose we'll just have to win the war tomorrow, so that you can stay at home."

Chulu forced a chuckle. An hour later he left with the document in hand. Muyong stood alone for a while, taking in a final moonlit view of the village he and his wife had grown to love. He looked up at the statue of Gubong.

"General Gubong, please watch over us."

The stone General made no reply. Even under the soft light of the moon, the angular face of the great General Gubong looked harsh and cold.

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