The Bonemask

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The bonemask in the Crimson Legion Soulstone Plains base.

The Bonemask are a species of human like, grotesque individuals that have been cursed by an ancient spell.

They are capable of thought, and wear masks made of bone over their otherwise flat, zombie-like faces.

They come in all kinds of sizes, and are adept in warfare, which they have learned from the only human, Mushin, who accepted them for who they are unlike the Naryu who drove them out of their home in the Cinderlands, before it became a desert.

From Act 2, Chapter 37:

The Bonemask had lived in the Cinderlands long before it was a desert. Dismissing the Bonemask as simple, barbaric savages, the Naryu drove them to the periphery.

The Bonemask demonstrated courage and fierce prowess in combat. When Mushin rose to prominence, he came to admire their spirit and ferocity. He took a new approach to the Bonemask and welcomed them as allies as opposed to enemies. Under his guidance, the Bonemask developed into an efficiant army. They served Mushin with fierce loyalty, the first to follow him into battle when the demonic hordes of the Dark Realm attacked.

Mushin's great act of sacrifice closed the Dark Gate but left the Bonemask without a leader. They worshipped the fallen Guardian like a god, prophesying that a day would come when he would return to lead their people to a new place of prominence and prosperity.

For centuries, the Bonemasks offered sacrifices in Mushins's honor. On this day, they would offer up a pair of human warriors: Juwol, the leader of the Yes Men; and a treasure hunter named Soha.