The Blood of Mushin

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Campaignquest.png The Blood of Mushin
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 35
Preceded by The Enemy of My Enemy
Followed by Rags and Riches
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From his place amongst the shadows, Mushin could sense the gate opening. He saw hints of light in the distance, the light of the Earthen Realm. His time had come at last.

Mushin was finally released from the endless darkness that had imprisoned him. When he first set foot in the Earthen Realm, even the faintest of lights was blinding. Soon, his eyes adjusted and he recognized the familiar forms of his friends: Iksanun, Jiwan, and Hong Sokyun. The Four Guardians were reunited once again.

Even so, the darkness had changed Mushin. The transformation was so deep and deceptive that no one was able to detect it, not even the other Guardians. Everything that had once made him a divinely appointed Guardian, his power, his unique skills, even his royal Naryu blood had been lost and left behind when he stepped through the Dark Gate so many years ago. Now, there was only one that could access his formed power, the last-living member of the Mu family, Mushin's sole remaining heir.

Objectives[edit | edit source]