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The Blessings of Divinity

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The Blessings of Divinity -- Chapter 2

   after succumbing to the Dark Chi, the would-be king's efforts to open a gate to the Divine Realm were doomed to failure. His Hubris brought forth demons upon the world. In eras long past, the divine beings from beyond our own realm came down to this plane of existence. They lived among mortals to bring them enlightenment and , in time, grew to love them dearly. The bloodlines born of mortal and divine carry in them a great power. They are the chosen who will rightfully rule this world. The Divine Mandate will never succeed through the blood of the unworthy. Yet time and again, the unworthy sought power beyond their grasp. As such , the divine beings blessed mankind with a mighty weapon. Both lock and Key -- The Twilight's Edge. The greatest of all evils was locked away within the Dark Realm, held at bay forevermore by the twilight's Edge. It is only when properly orchestrated - with righteous will, divine blood, and the Twilight's Edge - that the path to divinity will truly be opened.