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Template:GuildWrap ItemBoxMini

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Example[edit source]

GuildEmblemP 017.png
30x Lake mud.png Lake Mud
Green Thumbs
x 10
GL 1
|icon = GuildEmblemP_017.png
|item = Lake Mud
|quantity = 30
|market = [[Green Thumbs]]
|prodq = 10
|gl = 1

Usage[edit source]

|icon = guild icon, will be resized to 64px
|item = item page's name to import a template from that page
|market = see Template:Tradeability | for Gathering & Crafting items insert LINK to guild's page
|quantity = number of items displayed as prefix
|prodq = item's quantity produced per order
|gl = item's guild level required to order

Used Templates[edit source]

TODO to discuss[edit source]

  • link to guild page and it's location
  • ugly row-size manipulation with raw numbers