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Title Mayor of Brightstone
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Race Lyn
Gender Male
Class N/A
Profession [[]]
Location Brightstone Occupation
First Quest
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Taywo is the mayor of Brightstone Village.

Mayor Taywo was present during the events of the Talus invasion of Brightstone sixteen years before the current storyline. Several weeks before, he was visited by Iksanun and Kuwin which was the last time anyone saw Iksanun. The Talus Dominion forces flooded into Brightstone Village, led by Jinsoyun in a bid to control the Soulstone Mine and find Iksanun. Amidst the chaos, Taywo gathered up as many surviving villagers as he could and led them out of Brighstone towards the Skygate.

He is saddened to learn from Madun that Kuwin was dead, but agrees to take her orphaned son Ilsim in. At the Skygate, he is horrified as Jinsoyun appears and kills the villagers, leaving Madun with the Mark of the Black Rose. Since then, he has neither heard nor seen either Iksanun or Madun.

He continued to reside in Brightstone Village under tight control by Talus forces. He does his best to keep the Talus forces contented so that they do not take any more lives.

The Talus forces accuse Taywo of treason and drag him off into the Soulstone Mine to be held until further notice. Ilsim leads the hero in a bid to free Mayor Taywo and the villagers from the mines. Taywo understands Ilsim's intent, but felt that it was better to simply abide by the Talus despite the unfairness in order to keep peace. As they are about to escape, the Talus forces flood in and attempt to stop them. He is horrified to learn that a fellow villager, Hongyun, had betrayed them to the Talus forces.

Back at his home, he gives the hero special charms to open the Skygate portal to Greenhollow so that they can escape the Talus forces that will be coming for him. He charges the hero to take Ilsim with them to find Iksanun and insists that he must stay in Brightstone to make sure the villagers stay safe.

He isn't seen again until the hero's plan with Iksanun, Junghado, and Yunma Fei to reopen the Skygate into the Talus Dominion goes awry. Ilsim works with Jinsoyun and kills Iksanun in exchange for his village's freedom from the Talus forces. As he runs into Brightstone to see everyone, Mayor Taywo approaches him, heavily corrupted by Dark Chi. He weakly pleads for Ilsim to run as the rest of the village had been turned into demons. He tells Ilsim to seek his father, Iksanun who will look after him. Then Taywo takes a dagger and kills himself so that he doesn't become a demon himself.