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how about a NavBox for this game menu ?[edit source]

somethink like that

User Interface
GameUI HeaderIcon 134.pngKey Alphabet H 128.pngClanGameUI HeaderIcon 02.pngKey Alphabet P 128.pngCharacter Status • GameUI HeaderIcon 42.pngKey F7 128.pngParty Finder • GameUI HeaderIcon 130.pngKey Alphabet I 128.pngInventoryGameUI HeaderIcon 166.pngKey Alphabet U 128.pngAchievementsGameUI HeaderIcon 08.pngKey F8 128.pngDungeon/Battleground LobbyGameUI HeaderIcon 18.pngKey Alphabet J 128.pngQuestlog • GameUI HeaderIcon 111.pngKey Ctrl Big 128.png+Key Alphabet C 128.pngCurrency Exchange • GameUI HeaderIcon 136.pngKey F9 128.pngArena Match • GameUI HeaderIcon 34.pngKey Alphabet K 128.pngMartial TomeGameUI HeaderIcon 22.pngKey F4 128.pngFriends • GameUI HeaderIcon 126.pngKey F10 128.pngHongmoon ShopGameUI HeaderIcon 82.pngKey Alphabet M 128.pngWorld MapGameUI HeaderIcon 210.pngKey F5 128.pngMarketplaceGameUI HeaderIcon 02 10.pngKey F11 128.pngRanking

see {{NavBox}} and {{Navbox2}} --Arhmichal (talk) 15:21, 13 July 2016 (UTC)

Interesting idea, even though I can't really see the reason behind it. BUT I will use this for my current stuff as it does great for navigation. Thanks Arhmichal, you're always giving me stuff to improve myself :) --Kayokensa (talk) 07:08, 18 July 2016 (UTC)