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Please do not randomly edit any wiki page just because you like it or to boost your wiki edit count. Just to review you know who you are editted. ONLY Players with PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP can obtain money from killing monster. Your edit was incorrect. Also > Outfits are Bound to Charcter you fucktard since when u see outfit is bound to account?! You cannot access those outfits with another character, even on same server.

The edits I commit are solely to make information accurate or to keep good presentation on the wiki. You seem not to be too well versed in English from what I gather from your edits, but the way I had worded it meant the same thing you replaced it for, and the use of all capitals is not seen as professional at all in general. Second, you seem to have missed this article is about currencies, and not outfits. When it is said that "all are bound to character" following an enumeration of different valor stones, it is obviously referring to valor stones, and not outfits. Also, may I direct you to the Blade & Soul Wiki:About. I suggest giving it a good read before making anymore edits or remarks. --Cirno.pngCappucciruno 03:26, 10 February 2016 (UTC)