Tae Jangum

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Tae Jangum
Tae Jangum.jpg
Title Poharan's Elite Guard Chef
Faction Blackram Marauder
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Race Jin
Gender Female
Class Force Master
Profession [[]]
Location E. Fleet Supply Chain
First Quest
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Tae Jangum is the Chef of Poharan's Elite Guard. She is often seen by Vice Admiral Poharan's side with Barracks Officer Mak Sobo, assisting her in whatever way she can and acting as Poharan's voice of reason.

Second Arc[edit | edit source]

Tae Jangum approaches the hero during Poharan's rampage through Bamboo Village, asking for help on the young girl's behalf. She apologizes for Poharan's behavior but tries to appeal to the hero's humanity by explaining that Poharan simply wants to save her grandfather. She respects the hero's decision to not help the Blackram given the Blackram's previous attacks. However, she worries that Poharan will not take the rejection well.

She arrives at the Healing House where the hero is tending to Jinsoyun's illness, asking once again if the hero will reconsider. She offers to take the hero to Sandstone Refuge where the Blackram were already assisting the villagers in fighting back the demonic Grimhorn.

She travels on ahead to the Skygate where she aids Poharan in fighting back the demons surging from the corrupted Great Dragon Pulse. When the hero once again refuses Poharan's assistance, Poharan stubbornly refuses to help the hero purify the dark pillars. Tae Jangum and Mak Sobo, attempting to get on the hero's good side for Poharan's sake, step forward to fend off the demons while the hero handles the dark pillars. When the demon Garu is summoned, Tae Jangum and Mak Sobo support the hero in defeating the large demon. She cheers as she believes the demon is vanquished, but realizes that the demon was merely stunned. Poharan fires missiles at the demon which blows the creature to pieces. After hearing of demons within the Gloomdross Incursion, she goes on ahead with Mak Sobo.

Later, she arrives at Old Man Cho's house with information regarding the location of one of the Twilight's Edge fragments in the Gloomdross Incursion. She mentions that another Marauder named Nam Rang ran in ahead of time to find the Twilight's Edge fragment against her better judgement. She asks the hero to have him sent back to her.

She waits outside the nexus to the Shattered Masts where Poharan rushed in to save her grandfather. She worries that Hae Mujin is already too far gone for the partially reforged Twilight's Edge to be of any use. However, upon hearing that Nam Rang gave his life to secure a piece of the Twilight's Edge, she is determined to not make his death be in vain. She heads in with the hero to save the Admiral.

When the hero approaches the E. Fleet Supply Chain to ask for Hae Mujin's help in getting to Gunwon City, she paces back and forth behind Mak Sobo, worried about the current state of the fleet.