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Summoner necklace evolution

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Starting Necklace

Hongmoon Necklace Stage 1 Reward from Tanjay Kilns Chapter 13: A Bridge Too Far Gone

Evolution List
1. Plague Necklace (Requires LVL 14) From Jadestone Village Plague Hollow. Need 1 Viridian poison and 2 copper
2. Blight Necklace (Requires LVL 20) From Blackram Narrows. Need 1 Viridian Transformation Stone and 21 copper
3. Hakan Necklace (Requires LVL 33) From Spirestone Canyon Field boss Hakan. Need 2 Blight Fangs and 10 copper
4. Infernal Necklace (Requires LVL 36) From Tomb of the Exiles. Need 1 Cinderland transformation stone and 80 copper