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Summoner Ring Evolution

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Starting Ring
Hongmoon Ring Stage 1 - Chapter 18: Shroom to grow given to u by Old Man Cho in the Cave of Judgement

Evolution List
1. Dura's Ring (Requires LVL 16) Songshu Isle Adder's nest drops off Dura. Need 1 Viridian Poison 2 copper
2. Sentinel's Ring (Requires LVL 26) Scorching Sands Sentinel Ruins. Need 1 Viridian Transformation Stone 16 copper
3. Ukaha's Ring (Requires LVL 32) Spirestone Champions Altar. Need 2 Blight fangs 10 copper
4. Infernal Ring (Requires LVL 36) Tomb of Exiles. Need 1 Cinderlands Transformation stone 70 copper