Stranger in a Strange Land

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Campaignquest.png Stranger in a Strange Land
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 1
Preceded by Into the Fire
Followed by You and What Army?
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General Han Sirang convulsed as the poison spread through his body. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply in an attempt to slow his heart rate, but he knew that he was just delaying the inevitable.

Without Han's leadership, the Tyrian Cult now had free rein to terrorize Oakshade Village. A chilling scream and crash came from through the open window. With a grimace, Han Sirang instinctively reached for his sword. He collapsed immediately from the pain.

Han woke in a panic. Baymu put her palm to his cheek and promised she would find a way to save him. He didn't believe her, but being in her arms was comfort enough.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Andumo
  2. Speak with Wubaiku
  3. Speak with Paodo
  4. Speak with Gwan Chulsu
  5. Speak with Andumo
  6. Speak with Baymu
  7. Defeat the Tyrian Cult Wraithbloom Dealers and obtain the Wraithbloom Antidote
  8. Give the Wraithbloom Antidote to Han Sirang
  9. Defeat Tyrian High Cleric Gwihan
  10. Speak with Stratus General Han Sirang

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Dialog[edit | edit source]


"I've heard about you. You're the one who saved us from the Blackram, yes? Not bad. Not bad at all."
"Captain Dochun said that you're traveling to the Cinderlands to look for someone. Really? That's quite the trek. You're not getting there on foot, that's for sure."
"I can help you on your journey. However, it will take some time. For now, why don't you go say your goodbyes to some of the villagers?"
I'll go speak to them.
"Good! I'm going to hunt down a Dragon Pulse to whisk you away. Come back to me once you're ready."


"There you are! You're a hero to the people of this village. It's a shame that you must leave us."
"Please look after yourself. Don't forget to eat, and be sure to rest when you can. Remember: you always have a home here in Bamboo Village.


"Psh! I knew Namsoyoo was no good! We would have been doomed if you hadn't come."
"Thank you. Bamboo Village will never forget our bravery."

Gwan Chulsu:

"I can't imagine how Captain Dochun feels. Dodan is severely hurt, and Namsoyoo..."
"Could things get any worse?"


"Good! You're ready. I've found a Dragon Pulse that will take you to the home of General Han Sirang, all the way in Oakshade Village. Be well, Jyansei."


"Why are you here? Leave before the Tyrian Cult discovers you!"
What is the Tyrian Cult?
"They're a fanitcal sect who has poisoned General Han. He's meditating to purge the toxin."
How can I help?
"Help? Hmm... yes. Members of the Tyrian Cult carry Wraithbloom Antidote, which can counteract the poison.
Wraithbloom Antidote?
"If you bring me the antidote, I can help cure General Han. But you must hurry. We don't have much time!"

Han Sirang:

"I was in a bad way for a bit, but I'm much better now. You have my thanks."
Dochun sent me to find you
"That was you?! I've been waiting for you! I'm General Han Sirang of the Stratus Empire."
I'm looking for Jinsoyun
"Ah, Jinsoyun. Of course. Bengchan had discovered information about her. There's a problem, however."
"Bengchan was poisoned in the same attack that nearly killed me. He needs to recover before I can let him answer any questions."
I can wait.
"That's good, because you're going to have to. Before we go after Jinsoyun, I have to rescue my people from the Tyrian Cult. But I'm still... seeing things. Shadows, mostly."
"I'll need reinforcements if I hope to hold our position here. I hate to ask, but I need you to go to Gunwon Garrison. Find Ah Rogan."
Who is he?
"He's captain of the Gunwon Garrison. He'll send reinforements once he receives my message. He has to! Now go."