Stolen Innocence

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Campaignquest.png Stolen Innocence
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 6, Chapter 7
Preceded by The Omen of Darkness
Followed by The Black Pillars
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Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 180,000 XP
5 Twisted Orb
87Silver.png 0Copper.png
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Dokdan "First you take Jinsoyun as your apprentice and now you're making friends with pirates. You're something else, Jyansei. But enough chatting- we've got bigger problems to deal with. Something horrible has befallen the Grimhorn to turn them into such monsters. Well, even more monstrous than they already were."

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to the Twisted Grimhorn Wilds
  2. Talk to Ashjaw
  3. Seal the Black Pillars at the Twisted Wilds
  4. Speak with the Wandering Spirit
  5. Seal the Black Pillars in the Twisted Wilds
  6. Speak with the Wandering Spirit
  7. [Option 1] Take the Incantation Charm from Archfiend Kairam [Option 2 ] Obtain Old Incantation Charms from Great Warriors and Witch Doctors
  8. Speak with Ashjaw