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Step In Time

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See also: Teleportation, Speed Demon

Step In Time
Increases Movement Speed during Placeholder.png Siphon effect
"Make a way."
You can change and learn the following skill effects.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Focus Recovery 10
Skill Icon Warlock 0 05.png
Placeholder.png Siphon over 12 sec.

Increases attack speed of Skill Icon Warlock 0 03.png Bombardment during Placeholder.png Siphon
Instantly casts Skill Icon Warlock 0 10.png Dragoncall during Placeholder.png Siphon

Increases Movement Speed by 35% during Placeholder.png Siphon

Immune to being Snared during Placeholder.png Siphon

Unable to reset cooldown
Range Area Cast Cooldown
16m Target 0.1 sec. 45 sec.
Skill Requirements
On using Skill Icon Warlock 0 03.png Bombardment
After using Skill Icon Warlock 0 08.png Soul Shackle