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Blackram Supply Chain Trader Sowon

Located at the entrance to Naryu Labyrinth closest windstride point is Blackram Shipyard


Hongmoon Secret Technique fan (20 Siren Emblems)

Hastily Scribbled Hongmoon Secret Technique (10 soulstones)

Storm Siren Staff (20 Siren Emblems)

Siren Staff (45 Siren Emblems)

Sealed Blackram Supply Soul Shield 1-8 (10 Siren Emblems each)

Sealed Siren Necklace (20 Siren Emblems)

Sealed Siren Earring (20 Siren Emblems)

Sealed Siren Ring (20 Siren Emblems)

Sealed Siren Belt (20 Siren Emblems)

Pirate Princess (Lyn Male/Female Only) cost 1 pirate princess exchange ticket