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Soul Fighter

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The Soul Fighter is the only class that is able to deal heavy damage up close and from a distance. Their swift strikes are complemented by their equally-rapid dashes, keeping them from taking harm, and precisely positioning themselves to take advantage of their opponent’s vulnerabilities.

Soul Fighters actively manage their ranged and melee abilities by changing stances to best fit the situation. The Elemental stance abilities will freeze enemies in place, while the Kung Fu stance focuses on fast close-combat combos. At their maximum Chi level the Soul Fighter unlocks their most powerful and devastating attack, laying waste to opponents with a single strike.

A flexible and fast warrior, the Soul Fighter can be efficient as a solo combatant, but relies on the support of others in more difficult challenges. However, as a master of the Chi, their party-healing buffs ensure they’re a welcome addition in any group.

~ Official Class Description

Soul Fighter icon.pngSoul Fighter
Soulfighter character.png
2.5/5, Normal
Gon, Jin, Yun

Races[edit | edit source]

This class has race limitations and is only playable with three races: the Gon, Jin, and the Yun.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Soul Fighter is the second hybrid class for Blade & Soul, merging the Frost control abilities of the Force Master with the Kung Fu Master’s reactive and reflexive moves. Each set of skills is tied to an associated stance—Elemental or Kung Fu—and switching between stances is done manually. While not quite as complex as the Kung Fu Master, the Soul Fighter can take dedication and finesse to master.

Stances[edit | edit source]

Kung Fu Stance is the primary, default stance. Like the Kung Fu Master, this stance works best when you can adequately react to your opponent’s moves—this class boasts the greatest number of dashes, counters, and invulnerability skills of any other class in the game. And use of these defensive maneuvers will allow even more powerful abilities to be used.

Elemental Stance has more range-based skills, but with longer cooldowns as a tradeoff. The strength of this stance can be seen when stacking multiple abilities onto hapless opponents, and preventing their escape.

- Official in-depth look

Play-style[edit | edit source]

The Soul Fighter focuses on dealing two types of damage: Frost and Earth. Not all skills will have an associated elemental damage, but those that do will have their damage increased with the selection of the right item. Building a focus around one of these damage types is advantageous in the long run, especially as you get to the endgame dungeons.

For solo play and questing, it is easier to stay in Kung Fu Stance for the powerful and quick responses to enemy attacks, switching only to Elemental Stance when the crowd control abilities are required. However, in a party situation, the Soul Fighter will need to juggle both stances to maximize their contribution. Unlike the Kung Fu Masters they borrow some of their martial arts style from, Soul Fighters cannot generate additional threat. Despite that, their defensive abilities make them perfectly suited to solo lesser monsters, while their party members focus on taking down the boss. Soul Fighters also have a dedicated skill for party buffs providing resurrection, healing, or Focus recovery.

In Arena PvP, the Soul Fighter is blessed with choice, as a competent player can choose to focus on either stance to compete. A skilled Soul Fighter player will determine which stance will be the most appropriate for both their opponent’s class, and when it will be advantageous to turn the tide of battle.

- Official in-depth look

Resource Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Energy[edit | edit source]

You achieve Full Bloom by stacking 10 Energy.  There are 2 ways to stack energy: Breeze Kick (F) and Right Punch (RMB).  Once you are able to stack 10 Energy, the Iron Shoulder (F) will be usable.

Chi[edit | edit source]

You can activate the Kingfist/Frost Storm (V)(Kung Fu Stance) or Windstorm (F)(Elemental Stance) by stacking 5 (five) Chi.  You can immediately achieve 5 Chi levels by using Focus Chi (Z).  The other ways to get Chi is to use Iron Shoulder (F), Displace (2), Elbow Smash (1), Howling Blast (F) and Burning Tundra/Whirlwind (V).

Soulburn Buff[edit | edit source]

When Warlocks activate their Soulburn, you will have the chance to activate the Awakened Cobalt Punch/Right Punch with increased damage and stacking 1 Chi level. Awakened Cobalt Punch/Right Punch is only available in Kung Fu Stance.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Button Icon Skill Name Skill Description Stance HM Skill
LMB StraightJab.png Straight Jab Basic Kung-Fu Stance LMB attack. Has 3 attack sequences. This is usually used to initiate the basic Earth build Ani-cancel, so you will need to put in skill points for this skill. Can leave out skill points for this if you are using Ice build.

Generates Focus.

Kung-Fu Yes
LMB FrostPalm.png Frost Palm Basic Elemental Stance LMB attack. Used in Ice build with Snowball to Ani-cancel. Additional skill points can either increase cast speed and projectile speed or for PVP to penetrate deflect. Generates Focus. Elemental No
LMB Barrage.png Barrage Same skill as the Force Master, although it requires no Focus to be cast and deals 30% focus damage to other player characters. While Jumping/Gliding No
RMB CobaltPunch.png Cobalt Punch Used with Straight Jab (LMB) for earth build Ani-cancel. Uses Focus. Kung-Fu Yes
RMB RightPunch.png Right Punch Main dps of Ice build Kung-Fu stance. Just hold the RMB button to dps. Can be spec'd to have AOE damage. Generates Energy needed to activate Kingfist/Frost Storm. Uses Focus. Can be found in Cobalt Punch (RMB) skill tree. Kung-Fu Yes
RMB SnowBall.png Snowball Used in Ice build with Frost Palm to Ani-cancel. Can be spec'd to heal user. This skill is used in combination with Burning Tundra to be able to cast it again 2 times. Uses Focus but has a chance to generate Focus if enemy is critically hit inside of Burning Tundra. Elemental Yes
RMB RipplePunch.png Ripple Punch Earth build Elemental stance used with Whirlwind. This is usually spec'd on early levels to clear large groups of mobs by kiting and gathering them, cast Whirlwind and then deal large amount of damage with this skill. Attack speed increases as you cast consecutively on an enemy within Whirlwind. Uses Focus. Can be found in Snowball (RMB) skill tree. Elemental Yes
F BreezeKick.png Breeze Kick Used in Ice build Kung-Fu stance. It can be cast after a hit with Lightning Fist (2). Generates Focus and Energy. Can be found in Cobalt Punch (RMB) skill tree. Kung-Fu No
F BreakingClaw.png Breaking Claw Used in Earth build Kung-Fu stance Ani-cancel. It can be cast when you hit with cobalt punch and have Chi Level 1 or greater. Can be found in Cobalt Punch (RMB) skill tree. Kung-Fu No
F IronShoulder.png Iron Shoulder Used in both Earth and Ice build. It is used mainly to increase your Chi levels. Can only be used when Cobalt Punch (RMB) crits in Earth build. For Ice build it can be cast by stacking 10 Energy, also known as Full Bloom status. Consumes the Full bloom when used. Generates Focus. Kung-Fu Yes
F Retreat.png Retreat Standard escape. Dazed,

Knockdown or


F HowlingBlast.png Howling Blast Manual Counterattack when you successfully i-frame. Can be spec'd to charge a defending opponent. Generates Focus Kung-Fu Yes
F MeteorStrike.png Meteor Strike Brings an airborne opponent down to the ground while increasing your evade chance to 100% Kung-Fu No
F DragonFist.png Dragon Fist Available after hitting opponent with King Fist or Frost Storm. Hold RMB for continuous attack. Kung-Fu No
F Windstorm.png Windstorm Can be cast when attaining 5 levels of Chi in Elemental stance or when opponent is airborne. First shot makes enemies airborne again. Great for PVP. Elemental No
Tab StanceShift.png Stance Shift Shift between Kung-Fu and Elemental stance. Kung-Fu


Tab Secondwind.png Second Wind All-rounder escape skill. Can be spec'd to escape from Stun, Daze, Grabbed, Phatom Grippped or Grappled. Knockdown or


1 ElbowSmash.png Elbow Smash Soul Fighter's only counter skill. It can be spec'd to stun or higher damage or quickly go behind the enemy by pressing 1 again. Kung-Fu


1 BodyKick.png Body Kick Standard attack when Grabbed or Phantom-gripped. Grabbed or


1 Tornado.png Tornado Escape when Knocked-down. No resists and takes time. Knockdown No
2 LightningFist.png Lightning Fist Soul fighter's main charge skill in Kung-Fu Stance. It can be spec'd to stun. Kung-Fu Yes
2 Displace.png Displace Used mainly to push enemies away. It can also be used to make enemies airborne when they are dazed or stunned. Elemental No
2 SomersaultKick.png Somersault Kick Standard escape when Knocked-down. No resists and takes time. Knockdown No
2 SlipKick.png Slip Kick Can escape when Grabbed or Phantom-gripped if correctly timed with opponent's attack. Grabbed



3 FrostNova.png Frost Nova Crowd control skill in Elemental stance. Can be spec'd to Knock-down or Daze or deal more damage. Elemental No
3 GroundRipple.png Ground Ripple Crowd control skill in Kung-Fu stance. Can be spec'd to Knock-down, Daze, Stun or Knock-back. Kung-Fu No
4 LegSweep.png Leg Sweep Standard Knock-down skill in Kung-Fu stance. Hongmoon skill allows for double activation. Kung-Fu Yes
4 GlacialBeam.png Glacial Beam Standard Stun skill in Elemental Stance. Can do double stun in single button press. Elemental Yes
4 RisingDragonStrike.png Rising Dragon Strike Knocks up Stunned or Dazed enemies in Kung-Fu stance. Kung-Fu No
Z FocusChi.png Focus Chi Instantly gain 5 Chi levels so you can immediately cast King Fist (V) or Frost Storm (V). Additional points gives additional focus, more Crit chance, more Crit damage, and increase movement speed, respectively. The last tier is not really needed. Kung-Fu


X ChiBurst.png Chi Burst Healing skill of the Soul Fighter. Can be spec'd to heal or gain more focus for the party. Kung-Fu


X SlippingLotus.png Slipping Lotus Resurrection skill. Can resurrect multiple downed allies in one cast. Can only be used after casting Chi-burst. Skill can get interrupted. Kung-Fu


C SelfDefenseChi.png Self Defense Chi Main resist skill. Can i-frame 5 attacks for a duration of 5 seconds. It's possible to spec this skill so it will heal 5% HP on activation. Further specs include cooldown of Elbow Smash being reset on resist, or character being immune to auto-targeting for 5 seconds as well as +60% movement speed increase. Kung-Fu


V KingFist.png Kingfist Can be used after attaining 5 levels of Chi, after which you can cast Dragon Fist (F) after successfully hitting an enemy with this skill. Recommended for mobile enemies. Using the Hongmoon skill only adds more damage. Kung-Fu Yes
V FrostStorm.png Frost Storm The alternative to King Fist. It uses stationary dot damage as opposed to King Fist's single big damage. Recommended for immobile enemies. Using the Hongmoon skill adds more damage. Kung-Fu Yes
V BurningTundra.png Burning Tundra Burst dps in Elemental stance. It can be spec'd to be recasted 2 times if enemy gets hit by Snow Ball (RMB) 4 times while inside Burning Tundra's area of effect. It can also be spec'd to heal the user for notably high amount of HP. Elemental Yes
V Whirlwind.png Whirlwind The alternative to Burning Tundra. It also synergizes with Snow Ball's alternate, Ripple Punch (RMB). This is also notably the go to skill early on when leveling. Elemental Yes
Q DashLeft.png Dash Left Standard i-frame in Kung-Fu stance that lets you move to the left of the enemy. Kung-Fu No
Q LeftStep.png Left Step Standard i-frame in Elemental stance that lets you move 7 meters behind the enemy. When there is no enemy, allows you to move forward 5 meters. Elemental No
E DashRight.png Dash Right Standard i-frame in Kung-Fu stance that lets you move to the right of the enemy. Kung-Fu No
E RightStep.png Right Step Standard i-frame in Elemental stance that lets you move 7 meters behind the enemy. When there is no enemy, allows you to move forward 5 meters. Elemental No
S BackStep.png Backstep Standard double tap S i-frame in Kung-Fu stance that moves your character back 8 meters. Can be spec'd to automatically switch to Elemental stance after activating. Kung-Fu No
S BackStepEL.png Backstep Standard double tap S i-frame in Elemental stance that moves your character back 10 meters. Elemental No

Media[edit | edit source]

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

The following screenshots were taken from the official class description.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Soul Fighter Overview

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