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The Skygate located in Brightstone Village.

The Skygate is a large altar near Brightstone Village where a Great Dragon Pulse can be opened.

The Skygate is Brightstone Village's method of escape during times of trouble. Normally it requires three people to open a Great Dragon Pulse but Iksanun the Realmwalker is powerful enough to open the Great Dragon Pulse on his own.

During the first Talus invasion of Brightstone sixteen years ago, the Talus forces attempted to destabilize the Skygate to trap the villagers. However, with Madun's help, the villagers were able to access the Skygate and open a Great Dragon Pulse. However, Jinsoyun appeared through the Great Dragon Pulse, killing the villagers and accidentally forcing the Mark of the Black of Rose on Madun.

In present day, Iksanun suggests that the Skyhaven Resistance use the Skygate to move the Skyhaven troops directly into Zaiwei for an assault on Jinsoyun. With information from Skyhaven betrayers, Yura and the Talus troops walk through the Great Dragon Pulse Ikasnun opened instead. After a short battle, Iksanun is killed by his son and Jinsoyun arrives to turn the villagers of Brightstone into demons.

The Skygate becomes a pivotal part of the final battle between Jinsoyun and the hero. The hero gathers all the tribes of Moonwater Plains at the Skygate where they prepare to enter Zaiwei to stop the Divine Mandate Ritual.