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Shadows of the Past

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Campaignquest.png Shadows of the Past
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 29
Preceded by The Cost of War
Followed by The Traitor Returns
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Jakdan wouldn't listen.

Instead, he did what he always did: he drank. Dokdan had come to the conclusion that they could put their hope in Hong Sokyun's last disciple, but Jakdan wasn't convinced.

Jakdan had seen too many supposedly honorable warriors succumb to the ravenous greed of the world. Hong's disciple carried a deeply rooted desire for vengeance, as well as the heavy burden of the Mark of the Black Rose. How could Dokdan be so convinced that such a warrior could be trusted? Had he forgotten the tragic mistake they had made so many years ago when they shared the secret techniques with a warrior they deemed worthy of the gift? In Jakdan's opinion, the warrior was too overwhelmed by a desire to avenge Hong Sokyun to actually honor the deceased master's teachings.

Jakdan got to the bottom of one bottle and opened a second. He looked up as the door of the chamber opened. The warrior in question approached. Here was the one who Hong and Dokdan had deemed worthy. But Jakdan still wasn't convinced.

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